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Stars . My Questions :. What are shooting stars?. How are stars formed?. Can you land / stand on a star?. Are stars really 5 pointed?. Hypothesis. What are shooting stars? I think shooting stars are stars that fall in space near the end of their life to die.

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My Questions :

What are shooting stars?

How are stars formed?

Can you land / stand on a star?

Are stars really 5 pointed?



  • What are shooting stars?
  • I think shooting stars are stars that fall in space near the end of their life to die.
  • 2) Can you land or stand on a star?
  • No it is not possible to stand on a star because it is made of gas.
  • 3) Are stars really 5 pointed?
  • I think stars are 5 pointed because that is how they look in the sky at night.
  • 4) How are stars formed and how long do they live?
  • I have no idea how stars are made I thought they appeared in space, I think stars live on and don’t die.
  • Now lets see what the answers to these questions are. . .

How are stars formed?

Stars shine for millions of years then start to turn yellow this means they are in the middle of their life.

Stars are born in Nebula’s an explosion occurs and a reaction of hydrogen, helium and dust creates a cloud in which a star ignites into life.

Our sun was born about 4.6 billion years ago.

A stars life

A star will end life billions of years later as a black dwarf that means it turns black in colour and is a cold cylinder.

Near the end of a stars life it grows 100 times bigger and turns red this will happen to our sun in around 5 billion years time.

When a stars gas has all been used up it shrinks down in to a white dwarf. Even though it is small it is still very hot.


What are shooting stars ?

Most people think shooting stars are stars, flying across the sky. But actually they are giant balls of dust and ice called comets that soar through space . Comets are actually frozen and you find them in the coldest parts of the astroid belt. There is a shell of gas that surrounds this nucleus of rock.

When looking at a shooting star you would notice a stream of light. This tail is made from gas and dust. It is formed when comets travel to close to the sun and is lit so therefore the comet starts to melt. It can take billions of year for a comet to burn up. For example Halley's comet is burning up so slowly that you can only see it every 75-76 years.


Can you land or stand on a star?

It is impossible to land or stand on a star because there are no solid surfaces. Stars are made up of gases like hydrogen and helium so if we did try to stand on a star we sink straight into it never to be seen again.


Can you land or stand on a star?

Stars are unbelievably hot and can reach up to over 1 million °c if you tried to land on a star you would literary burn up and die even before you arrive at the star because of the heat rays.


Are stars really 5 pointed?

Stars are not really 5 pointed we possibly draw them like that because in the ancient times the Egyptians drew stars with 5 points.

When looking at stars some do look 5 pointed this is because of the way your eye sees the star. It is like looking at a light but it is to bright these are called deflection rays.


Implications of Space Exploration



  • Space exploration is polluting space when a spaceship fly's up in to space were do all the bits of metal fall of and land, they don’t they just float around in space forever.
  • If there was no space exploration we would not know anything about space, stars, planets, comets and much more.
  • We have achieved so much with space exploration, there are rovers landing safely on mars and doing tests all this could be the start to humans living on mars.





  • Stars and planets
  • Can we travel to the stars?
  • I wonder why star twinkle and other questions


  • Tyler helped
  • I emailed a lady from the star dome but she never replied

The End

By Rasmika