leveraging pr s role in the marketing mix l.
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Leveraging PR’s Role in the Marketing Mix PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging PR’s Role in the Marketing Mix

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Leveraging PR’s Role in the Marketing Mix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leveraging PR’s Role in the Marketing Mix. April 25, 2007. Events/Trade Shows. Direct mail. Target Consumer. PR. Advertising. Events/Trade Shows. PR. E-Mail Marketing/Web. Direct Mail/Coupons. Advertising. E-Mail Marketing/Web. Marketing Mix vs. Integrated Marketing.

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marketing mix vs integrated marketing


Direct mail

Target Consumer



Events/Trade Shows


E-Mail Marketing/Web

Direct Mail/Coupons


E-Mail Marketing/Web

Marketing Mix vs. Integrated Marketing
  • Traditionally, a simple pie chart
  • Today, more and more overlap
2002 book the fall of advertising the rise of pr al laura reis
2002 Book: The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR – Al & Laura Reis
  • Advertising is Visual. PR is Verbal.
  • Advertising is Incredible. PR is Credible.
  • Advertising Needs Volume and Frequency. PR Needs Impact.
  • Advertising is Self-Directed. PR is Other-Directed.
  • Advertising buys a way in. PR messages find a way in.
according to reis
According to Reis
  • Imagine a scene where the sun and the wind are both trying to get a man to remove his coat.
  • Advertising is like the wind. It tries and tries to blow the coat off, but the man just holds on tighter and keeps his head down.
  • PR is like the sun. It asks itself, “Hmmm….why do people wear jackets anyway?” Then shines brightly with all its might to warm the man until he decides to remove his coat.
about public relations
About Public Relations
  • Public Relations
    • The management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depends. – Cutlip, Center and Broom
  • PR can shape opinion, inspire action and change minds.
  • PR vs. Media Relations. Not just pitching stories. PR is the art of actively managing relationships and perception.
what it means to be pr led
What it means to be “PR-Led”
  • In our case, larger percentage of fees allocated to PR activities vs. Advertising
  • PR and Advertising each execute niche campaigns
  • In some models, PR team determines all key niches, areas of focus – Ads follow suit
  • Media reach/placement considered a key measure of success in the overall marketing program
  • In a few cases, PR focus defines product development
when pr works
When PR Works
  • Product/subject is truly unique
  • Destination/attraction is new
  • There is a story to tell
  • More than meets the eye
  • Enthusiasts already exist
  • PR-driven marketing successes:
    • Starbucks
    • Amazon.com
    • Botox
    • Red Bull
    • Google
    • Harry Potter
    • Prozac
when it is more challenging
When it is more challenging
  • Commodity, price-driven decision
  • Culture resists storytelling
    • No spokesperson
  • No belief in the power, value of PR
  • Unwillingness to accept potential criticism in editorial - viewed as “wrong” rather than authentic
why pr works for travel
Why PR Works for Travel
  • Travel is an endorsement-based business. Decisions are based on recommendations, reviews.
  • Segmentation ability is high
  • Credibility is high
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Resource is time, not money
  • Places = stories
    • History of a place
    • Innkeepers, chefs, owners
    • Events provide constant news
    • Grand openings
    • New features
    • Trends
why pr works for travel10
Why PR Works for Travel
  • PR is nimble – tactics can change on a dime
  • Travel is one of the heaviest advertising categories
    • Airlines
    • Hotels
    • Car rental companies
    • Attractions
    • Services and booking engines
    • Countries
    • Cities
    • States
    • Counties
    • Districts
  • Online is the #1 Source for Travel Information. PR can find a way in.
age of consumer driven media
Age of Consumer-Driven Media
  • YouTube
  • AllRecipes.com
  • TripAdvisor.com
    • Consumer reviews/ratings
    • Links to nearby attractions
    • Links to other reviews (Fodor’s) and published articles


  • Largest online travel community in the world
  • More than 5 million unbiased reviews and opinions
  • Real advice from travelers about more than 250,000 hotels, vacations, resorts, inns, travel packages, vacation packages, travel guides and attractions
  • More than 20 million unique monthly visitors worldwide
  • Winner of dozens of awards, including PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites and Forbes Best of the Web
  • Nominated for a 2007 Webby Award (the Internet "Oscars") for Best Travel Website
  • There's not a lot you can do about negative reviews but you CAN encourage all your visitors to submit positive review
power of editorial endorsement
Power of editorial endorsement
  • “All I know is just what I read in the papers” – Will Rogers
  • Sources of travel information:
    • Online #1
    • Word of mouth #2
  • People want “personal experience/insight.” Media reviews are the next best thing.
best of las vegas metro pizza
Best of Las Vegas: Metro Pizza


In 1905 Gennaro Lombardi established the first Pizzeria in America. It was located on Spring Street in the heart of New York's Little Italy. By good fortune, when our grandparents came to America they settled just 50 yards away. Ever since those early days, pizza has been at the center of our family life. Our parents got their first jobs feeding coal into the big bakery ovens where Sicilian pizzas were baked and carried out into the neighborhood to feed the immigrant families hungry for a taste of home. Over the years the time-honored skills of the Pizzaiolo, the pizza chef, have been handed down from our fathers, uncles, aunts, brothers and cousins - from one generation to the next. As Italian immigrants settled across the country, they carried their love for combining food, family and friends with them to every corner of America.

At Santarpio's in East Boston, the Home Run Inn on Chicago's South Side and at Tommaso's in San Francisco's North Beach, this tradition has continued and evolved. Every neighborhood has placed it's own personal stamp on it's local pizza. The debate over which city makes the best pizza will never be settled, because each of us has such warm memories of that first date or family gathering at our own neighborhood Pizzeria.At Metro Pizza, we honor the great traditions of America's landmark Pizzerias. Our dough is made fresh each day from the finest wheat, hand-stretched and cooked on the stone of our hearth ovens. Our sauces are made from only the finest vine-ripened tomatoes and topped with select cheeses, choice meats and the freshest vegetables, herbs and spices available.

Each of our pizzas is a hand-crafted labor of love, backed by three generations of experience.We believe that a true Pizzeria should be a gathering place for family and friends to relax, share great food and enjoy each other's company. We have visited hundreds of Pizzerias across the country, learning and gathering recipes to bring our guests a taste of home, wherever home might be.Which city has the best pizza? At Metro Pizza we celebrate all of the great traditions of the pizza experience and we Thank You for choosing us as your neighborhood Pizzeria.

John and Sam

(The Pizza Guy and the Other Pizza Guy)

best of las vegas metro pizza16
Best of Las Vegas: Metro Pizza

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

Zagats Review, 2006

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

LV Weekly Magazine. Readers’ Poll, 2006

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

By the subscribers of AOL.com

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

Citysearch.com, 2004

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, 2004

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

Zagats Review, 2004

"Best Pizza in Las Vegas"

CitySearch.com, 2003

  • "Best Pizza"
  • Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, 2003
  • "Best Pizza"
  • Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, 2002
  • "Best Pizza in Las Vegas"
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll, 2001
  • "The Best of the Valley"
  • City Life, 2000
  • "A Shrine to Old-Fashioned Pizza"
  • Zagat's Restaurant Review, 2000
  • "Voted Citysearch's Best Pizza"
  • CitySearch.com, 2000
  • "A Story of Family Pride, Tradition and Great Pizza"
  • Muriel Stevens, Las Vegas Sun
leveraging pr getting started
Leveraging PR: Getting Started
  • Identify the strengths of your site/region
  • Pinpoint your sources of business
  • Characterize your target consumer
  • Know your target media
  • Think about your story and the experience you provide
  • Deliberate, creative thinking almost always sets the stage for a successful PR campaign/program.
power of creative thinking a classic pr led travel campaign
Power of Creative Thinking: A Classic PR-led Travel Campaign

Holiday Inn

  • Research showed that 93% of people had stayed in a Holiday Inn
  • Many cited tales of stolen towels, stories
  • “Towel Amnesty Day” Campaign
    • Idea generated by PR
    • Advertising to support (critical piece)
    • Charity connection
    • Iconic
    • Emotional connection

Power of Creative Thinking:

Holiday Inn – Results

  • Campaign garnered 850 media placements including mentions of the book in 25% of the top 50 DMA newspapers in the country
  • VNR/B-roll package garnered 208 media placements (1.9M TV media impressions)
  • More than 350,000 Web site visitors
  • If each of those 350,000 people would to book a single hotel night, it would generate $25 million in revenues
  • Book-based fundraising for Give Kids The World raised $10,000

Power of Creative Thinking:

Claus.com: Year of the Elf


Power of Creative Thinking:

  • News release posed Elves as biggest pop culture trend of 2003. Featured Claus.com’s Elf School, Elf Movie, Lord of the Rings’ Galadriel
  • Radio interviews with “Doogie the Elf.”
  • Results:
    • Syndicated article called “What’s all this about Elves?” published by Knight Ridder Services
    • Coverage in more than 125 newspapers nationwide
    • Web site saw a 35% increase in total unique visitors to the site (2002 vs. 2003)
    • 50% spike in Q4 vs. Q3
a christmas story house cleveland ohio
A Christmas Story HouseCleveland, Ohio

Power of Creative Thinking:


Power of Creative Thinking:

Harry Potter Power

  • New Theme Park (Fla.)
  • Worldwide “Magical Tours”
  • Wizarding in Wilmington
  • Wegerzyn Gardens’ Camps (Dayton) $600
marketing mix getting it right
Marketing Mix: Getting it Right
  • Factors to weigh
    • Overall budget – can you outspend your competition on ads? If not, you’ll need to leverage dollars and earn exposure among your targets.
  • Really think about your site
    • Is it unique?
    • Do you have amazing stories?
    • Can you relate to a current trend or event?
    • Would articles and editorial placements tell your story better than traditional ads?
    • What are your sources of business?
marketing mix getting it right34
Marketing Mix: Getting it Right
  • Define the relationships that matter to you, and build partnership strategies into your planning.
    • CVBs
    • ODTT
    • Consumers
    • Media
    • Partners (Lodging, Dining, Transportation)
  • Learn to love “fuzzy” – good programs blur the lines.
  • Use research, creativity, insight to choose key focus areas. Commit to niches based on product strength.
maintain a robust media relations program
Maintain a Robust Media Relations Program
  • Focus on things that:
    • Deliver information
    • Build acclaim/reputation
    • Connect in a unique way
  • Media list – Highly focused, based on sources of business, areas of interest/strength
  • Embrace a departure from PR 101 – go exploring
  • Press kit(s)/media packages
  • News release calendar
  • PRNewswire, Businesswire
  • Editorial calendar roadmap
maintain a robust media relations program38
Maintain a Robust Media Relations Program
  • Online press room
  • Story Ideas
  • Images and B-Roll – Critical tools in storytelling
  • Use Media lead services
    • ProfNet (PRNewswire)
    • Media Leads
    • Media Kitty
    • Travel Publicity Leads
    • TIA
    • SATW
model program biltmore estate n c
Model Program: Biltmore Estate – N.C.
  • Fabulous press room
  • Image library
  • Stories galore
  • Well-written news releases
  • Fun facts
  • In-depth Pod cast series
  • Virtual tour
  • Stunning photography
  • Helpful itineraries
  • Packages and specials
understand the tools of the trade
Understand the Tools of the Trade
  • Bacon’s (now Cision)
    • Contact/profiles
    • Edcals
    • Clipping services
    • Real-time monitoring
  • Findarticles.com
  • Google Alerts
  • Factiva
  • PRNewswire, Businesswire
build the case for pr through results
Build the Case for PR through Results
  • Clip counting vs. content analysis
  • PR Trak
    • Clips vs. share of discussion
  • Media audit/survey
  • Monthly/quarterly media summaries
  • Know the approximate value of earned placements
  • Best: “Where did you hear about us?”
    • Front desk
    • Online
    • Phone
beyond media relations leveraging pr
Beyond Media Relations: Leveraging PR
  • Collect stories – they are tremendously valuable assets
    • Famous visitors
    • Quotes/testimonials
    • Articles written
  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Always talk to strangers
  • Ask people where they heard about you
  • Encourage delighted guests to post reviews on your favorite sites
  • Compete for awards, rankings
  • Always be building your arsenal
  • Be passionate, but don’t oversell (Metro Pizza)
  • If you control spending, INVEST in PR
  • If you don’t, CHAMPION PR
pr s next frontier
PR’s Next Frontier…
  • Tackling online
  • Print will not go away, but segmentation will increase
  • Consumer-generated media will continue to grow
  • Think small, not big
  • More innovative use of YouTube
  • Pod mania – better-quality pod casts