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IHEP Grid CA Status Report PowerPoint Presentation
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IHEP Grid CA Status Report

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IHEP Grid CA Status Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IHEP Grid CA Status Report. F2F Meeting 8 Mar . 2010. Wei Zhu(zhuw@ihep.ac.cn). Comput ing Cent re , IHEP,CAS,China. Outline. IHEP Grid CA Overview Current status of CA operation Update status . IHEP Introduction. IHEP——Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, China

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Presentation Transcript
ihep grid ca status report

IHEP Grid CA Status Report

F2F Meeting8 Mar. 2010

Wei Zhu(zhuw@ihep.ac.cn)

Computing Centre, IHEP,CAS,China

  • IHEP Grid CA Overview
  • Current status of CA operation
  • Update status
ihep introduction
IHEP Introduction
  • IHEP——Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, China
  • The major institute conducts high energy physics experiments in China
ihep grid ca introduction
IHEP Grid CA Introduction
  • The IHEP CA is established and managed by IHEP Computing Center in Beijing and has been running since 2004.
  • The IHEP CA is an accredited member of both EUGridPMA and APGridPMA.
  • Web site
    • https://gridca.ihep.ac.cn/
  • CA certificate
    • https://gridca.ihep.ac.cn/cacert/index.html
ihep grid ca introduction5
IHEP Grid CA Introduction
    • Person Certificate:


    • Host Certificate:

CN=CN/O=HEP/O=IHEP/OU=CC/CN= host/voms.ihep.ac.cn

  • CRL Policy
    • https://gridca.ihep.ac.cn/crl/index.html
    • The lifetime of CRL is 30 days.
    • CRL is reissued 7 days before expiration even if there have been no revocation.
    • Last Update: Feb 09 08:32:56 2010 GMT
current status of ca operation
Current status of CA operation
  • Personal/Host/Service Certificate: Submit application form for verification, then complete online request procedure step by step.

Establish a Specialized CA Room

  • Only one person has the key to the CA room , and the other has the key to the CA Computer.
current status of ca operation7
Current status of CA operation

The following events are recorded and archived:

    • All requests for certificates
    • All issued certificates
    • All requests for revocation
    • All issued CRLs
    • Login/logout/reboot of the CA machine
    • All notifications sent by the CA
    • Logs for data exchange between CA and RA
  • Archives are stored in an offline media which is stored in a safe box. Only RA and CA operators can access them.
current status of ca operation8


Accept request,

communicate with CA

Current status of CA operation
  • Staff structure



RA Operator

CA Operator


Private key


Issue certificate

update status
Update status

Number of issued certificates


Last update: Feb 10 09:18:36 2010 GMT

update status10
Update status
  • Due to a power supply maintenance for the whole computing room, the IHEP CA website is unavailable from Sep/15/2009 06:30(CST) to Sep/17/2009 18:00(CST).
  • Some needed webservice port was unopened after the whole adjustment on the export firewall.
  • The new portable hard drive replace the old one.
  • Plans to change the CA



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