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Fashion and lifestyle in Empoli PowerPoint Presentation
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Fashion and lifestyle in Empoli

Fashion and lifestyle in Empoli

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Fashion and lifestyle in Empoli

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  1. Fashion and lifestyleinEmpoli

  2. First of all... ...Fashion

  3. DESCRIPTION OF THE DIFFERENT STYLES Dark people take inspiration from famous rock bands like Tokyo Hotel and 30 Seconds to Mars. In fact the tendencies are the forelock, the black make up on the eyes, the belts with pyramids, the tightened pants and the amphibians. And those are just some examples.

  4. Peasant people are usually dressed with a hat just upon the head, jeans that let display the underwear and of course trainers. The most typical inspirations for them are rappers like Eminem and 50 cent.

  5. Posers people usually wear marked dresses like Burberry, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana. You can often see them with shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans or black pants and classic shoes. Girls have always got a bag and belts in coordination and also some boys sometimes have got a little shoulder-bag.

  6. Normal people are dressed in different ways. When they go to school they wear jeans with simple t-shirts or a jumper; instead when they go to a party or out at night they wear something a bit more elegant like skirts and high-heel shoes for women and white shirt and classic shoes for men.

  7. NORMAL... ...What else?

  8. After our researches we verified that some styles are more popular than others. So we decided to make a graphic to show you better how widespread our modes are in our area.

  9. Fashion History Fashion in Florence has had lots of changes starting from sunglasses to shoes. Many Florentine stylists have hacked a lot on that, for example Emilio Pucci or Aldo Gucci, changing their style in the years and influencing the style of inhabitants of Tuscany and not only, because all over the world they have become quite famous fashion icons . Some of the most important changes are the passage from pois to lines and plain, or also the one from the big and round sunglasses to the smallest and at the end the return of the first ones. Another point is the change of the length of skirts: first they had to be only under the knees, then there was the “boom” of miniskirts, until their length became so short to be as long as belts. Here some photos will follow to see the fashion from the 50’s to nowadays.

  10. the '50s

  11. the '60s

  12. the '70s

  13. the '80s

  14. ..the '90s

  15. 2000

  16. and now... the lifestyle

  17. Here In Empoli each group has a different lifestyle. There are those who stay all day long in a bar chatting, those who walk around the center of Empoli and those who stay at home maybe with some friends. Even if there are lots of different groups it’s really easy to find friends that get on well with some members, perhaps also with a guy of the opposite one because we all accept anyone. Some places are more famous for someone than others, for example the pub called “Nox” is more frequented by dark people; in a disco like “Jaiss” or a pub like “Löwengrϋbe” there are more normal people than others. And those are just a few. In our school there is not a selection of people, but you can see immediately why some guys have a good relationship with others: our way to dress has not only to do with the outfit, but it displays what kind of tastes you have, what kind of music you usually listen to and more more more…

  18. Our Typical Day When we have to go to school, we usually wake up at about 7:00 o’clock because school starts at 8:00 o’clock. Normally, we have 5 hours and we finish at 1:00 p.m. so you have lunch at home and not at school. Before starting do homework, we relax a little time watching TV, listening to music or chatting on MSN. Then we do our homework and if we don’t have a lot to do, we go out with our friends for a walk in the centre or in a park for an ice-cream or talking about our things and have a good time. But sometimes the homework are too much that we can’t do anything else and the afternoon goes on even without a break. After a busy day we have dinner with our family talking about what has happened during the day; then we see a film all together and about 11:00 p.m. we go to bed and after a long sleeping we are ready to start another day.

  19. The Week-end On Saturdays we have to go to school but in the afternoon we are free to do whatever we like because the next day we have no school. Usually, we meet in the centre or in a park to have a good time together or we go to Florence for shopping or just for a walk. In the evening, we meet for a pizza and then we usually go to a disco or in a pub, where we meet new people and set our minds free from our busy week. On Sundays we get up really late, but this day is not the same for everyone. Usually, we stay with all the family together and we go to the country or in the cities near Empoli, like Vinci or Montecatini, but it is also the perfect day for shopping in some outlet or in a shopping centre. In the evening it is a sort of tradition the take-away pizza for dinner and a DVD to watch all together. Soalso the week-end has gone.