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- Cultural Do's And Dont's. PowerPoint Presentation
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- Cultural Do's And Dont's.

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- Cultural Do's And Dont's. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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- Cultural Do's And Dont's. - Britain/U.K./England Ethnical diversity in Britain. - Symbols of England. Pubs. - Food. - Superstitions. THE BRITS. Topic 1 : Cultural do's and dont's. Topic 2 : Britain, U.K, England, Ethnical diversity in Britain. Topic 3 : Symbols of England. Pubs.

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- Cultural Do's And Dont's.

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    1. - Cultural Do's And Dont's. - Britain/U.K./EnglandEthnical diversity in Britain - Symbols of England. Pubs - Food - Superstitions

    2. THE BRITS Topic 1 : Cultural do's and dont's Topic 2 : Britain, U.K, England, Ethnical diversity in Britain Topic 3 : Symbols of England. Pubs. Topic 4 : Food Topic 5 : The brits superstitions Cliquez sur le sujet qui vous intéresse ou ici pour en voir l'intégralité

    3. Cultural do's and dont's A British person is famous for being pompous, distinguished, severe, and with a special sense of humor. This is a stereotype. In England, you won’t find a disordered queue anywhere, because it is usual to queue when required, and because it’s expected that you won’t push in front. It is  considered  rude if you don’t say « please » and « thank you » In England, they drive on the left side of the road You must only kiss people who are friends or relatives The english avoid talking loudly in public If someone says «  how do you do », you must answer the same thing How do you do? Manners are very important in England

    4. RSVP You should arrive at different time depending the sort of reception: At the exact time specified for dinner or appointements Any time during the hour specified for teas, receptions, or cocktail parties. A few minutes early for things like public meetings, plays, etc… If you receive an invitation that says « RSVP » you must answer to the person who sent the invitation to let him or her know if you come or not

    5. Britain,UK,England,Ethnical diversity in Britain England , Scotland and Wales compose Britain. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make United Kingdom.The British Isles consist of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Britain United Kingdom British Isles

    6. The Republic of Ireland is a country across the Irish Sea west of England but isn’t a part of the United Kingdom. The North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean to surround the British Isles.

    7. The United Kingdom’s official name is «  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ». People from continental Germany(the Angles), invaded Britain in the late 5th century along with the Saxons and the Jute so England used to be know as Engla land, meaning the land of the Angles. The name Britain is derived from the latin name Britannia. The Romans gave this name at the whole island , which contains modernday England, Wales and Scotland. The Romans came to Britain nearly 2000 years ago but there remain relics as the wall of Hadrian.

    8. Cardiff is the capital of Wales. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Dublin is the Republic of Ireland’s capital. The Northern Ireland’s capital is Belfast. London is the Capital of : -England -Great Britain -United Kingdom -British Isles

    9. 10% of primary children and 9% of secundary pupils don’t have English as their first language so 250 languages are spoken in London everyday while in France 70 languages are spoken. Each person in his or her own way has contributed to make Britain the place it is today because people from all cultures and ethnicities can be found in every place of Britain. Harrods Chinese district

    10. Symbols of england. Pubs. Red double-deckers buses are the traditional bus in England for us. You can see some of them in the street of London. Most of the time, a London taxi is black but there are other colors (green, red, pink, yellow...). They are decorated with advertisments.

    11. British post and telephone box have in common their red color and a picture of crown on them. In the post box, there are the monarchs initials. (VR : Victoria Regina and GR : Georgeus Rex). Fish and chips, jelly and pudding are traditional English food. Tea is a traditional drink in England. Fish and chips is for lunch, jelly is for breakfast and tea time and the pudding is a cake cooked for Christmas.

    12. With football, cricket is the most well-known sport in England. It's played on Saturdays from April to August in villages where there is special sports ground for cricket. This sport isn't practise in France. The red rose is important in England because it's the national flower like the thistle is the symbol of Scotlandthe thistle is the symbol of Wales and the shamrock is the symbol of nother Ireland.

    13. The word pub is short for the « public house ». It's like a « bar » in France. English people go to the pub to meet others, to talk, to have a drink with friends. In pubs, the British usually white, blond, brown and ambre beer. Pubs are open between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. every day exept Sunday, when they must close at 10:30 p.m. The names of pubs are important. They are traditional for over 600 years Example : Bird in Hand The Bat and Ball The Crown The King's Arms The red Lion Black Horse

    14. THE BRITS : FOOD «Would you like a cuppa? » means « would you like a cup of tea? » Most pupils and their parents at work have their one  « packed lunch » . It's a pique meal composed of sandwich,a pack of crisps,a piece of fruit and a drink.The « packed lunch » is in a plastic box . In french « packed lunch » means « pique-nique » The take-away meals are very popular and many towns have Italian,Chinese and Greek restaurants.They are a lot of Mac Donald's burger king and subway.

    15. Yorkshire pudding, made from flour, eggs and milk, is a sort of batter baked in the oven and usually moistened with gravy. The traditional way to eat a Yorkshire pudding is to have a large, flat one filled with gravy and vegetables as a starter of the meal. Then when the meal is over, any unused puddings should be served with jam or ice-cream as a dessert. The traditional 4 o'clock tea is a small meal,not a drink. Each pudding begins with milk,sugar,eggs,flour and butter. Not all the pudding is sweet pudding. It's made with lamb and vegetables with mashed potato. Beef is eaten with horseradish sauce. Cheddar,Stilton,Red Leicester,Cheshire and Double Gloucester are all Lind of cheese. The british traditionally eat food based on beef lamb, pork, chicken and fish, so they can't be many vegetarians.

    16. The Britssuperstitions Typical Brit superstitions If you repeat “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” every first day of the month, you would be lucky, specially if you say it before uttering your first word of the day. French people who listen to somebody saying that would think he is crazy. If you catch a lot of falling leaves in autumn, your next year will be very lucky because for each leaf picking up, it’s a lucky month you’ll get. French people never do that, in autumn they just throw away dead leaves.

    17. Typical Brit superstitions It’s unlucky to put new shoes on the table. In France people just think they are lucky to have new shoes... but they don’t often put them on the table. One very English superstition concerns the tame Ravens at the Tower of London. It is believed if they leave then the crown of England will be lost. To protect the crown of England, English people have cut the raven wings to prevent them from flying away from the Tower of London.

    18. Typical Brit superstitions In England white Rabbits are said to be witches, but in France Rabbits are appreciated as pets. And a common lucky charm is a Rabbit's foot, but not for the Rabbit. It is thought very unlucky to have the feathers of a Peacock within the home or handle anything made with them. This is possibly because of the eye shape present upon these feathers and the Evil-Eye associated with wickedness. In France the eye shape present upon Peacock feathers is not associated with an evil eye, and these feathers are used to decorate home.

    19. Common or similar superstitions with France A horseshoe over the door brings good luck. But the horse shoe needs to be the right way up. The luck runs out of the horse shoe if it is upside down. This superstition is still present in the French country but it’s not easy to find it in town… Unlucky to spill salt. If you do, you must throw it over your shoulder to counteract the bad luck. It’s the same in France, spilling salt can throw away the bad spirits.

    20. Common or similar superstitions with France The number thirteen is unlucky. Friday the thirteenth is a very unlucky day. Friday is considered to be an unlucky day because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. It’s a Christian superstition shared by all the Christian community. It is said to be bad luck if you see bats flying and hear their cries. In the Middle Ages it was believed that witches were closely associated with bats. In the Middle Ages, French people are used to pin up bats on the barn doors.