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Computer Mediated Group Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Mediated Group Communication

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Computer Mediated Group Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Mediated Group Communication

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  1. Computer Mediated Group Communication Tech Squad Teamwork and Communication

  2. What is Computer Mediated Communication? • “ Computer Mediated Communication moves communication a step beyond time and space allowing it to be “ instantaneously asynchronous” and geographically prolific, seemingly co-occurring in multiple geographical locations at once.” • CMC is a social and psychological phenomenon.

  3. What is CMC cont. • CMC describes commutation that takes place through a variety of media and provides distributed group members with: • Video • Audio • Text-based messaging capabilities

  4. Performance Outcomes of CMC Groups • Take longer to reach outcomes even though they generate more ideas than face to face. • There is less pressure to conform during group discussions. • There is greater equality of participation in CMC groups. • There is reduced normative social pressure in CMC groups.

  5. Choosing a Medium for Effective Use of CMC First, choose a medium based on the media richness and complexity of the communication task. Second, is to think about the language characteristics of the information to be communicated. Numeric, verbal and/or visual. Third, is to consider the communication functions to be used.

  6. Hint Undercurrents of the Communication Medium • Social Presence-is the participants feeling a sense of dynamically shared meaning. A rich communication medium through which participants can engage in multiple simultaneous communication with verbal and nonverbal cues, synchronous feedback, a variety of language and inflection, and a personal focus that conveys feelings of emotion along with the informational content produces a greater sense of social presence. • Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Communication Interactive feedback and simultaneous speaking and listening rather than one-way conveying of information. Ex. Synchronous-videoconferencing, audioconferencing, instant messaging Ex. Asynchronous-email and bulletin boards. One way communication. Hint

  7. Undercurrents of the Communication Medium • Media Richness • Media that do not carry all types of information simultaneously are considered leaner media as their informational capacities don’t facilitate the development of the social-emotional-relational dimensions of communication at as fast a rate. • Face to Face provide the greatest opportunity for experiencing rich communication and social presence.

  8. Choosing a Medium for Effective Use of CMC cont. • For simple, effective communication choose a lean medium. • Use a rich medium to develop social presence and personal relationships and don’t let a lack of richness in the communication medium restrict the information shared or implicitly censor the discussion of critical issues. • More difficult and non-routine communication demands a richer communication medium.

  9. How to Effectively Facilitate CMC Group Communication • Encourage group responsibility. • Listen to, clarify and integrate information and ideas. • Help achieve a clear meeting process and outcome. • Actively build bond and relationship. • Constructively manage conflict and expression of negative emotion. • Have a strong understanding of the technology that you are using. • Be able to create a comfortable understanding and use of the technology among other group members.