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Colombia. By: Brittany Horn. The flag. Yellow represents the rich natural resources of the earth Blue represents the oceans that border the coasts Red represents blood shed for Colombia’s Independence. Coat of Arms. Colombia on the Map. Geography. Climate: cool in the highlands region

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By: Brittany Horn

the flag
The flag
  • Yellow represents the rich natural resources of the earth
  • Blue represents the oceans that border the coasts
  • Red represents blood shed for Colombia’s Independence
  • Climate: cool in the highlands region

tropical along the eastern plains and along the coastline

  • Andean Mountains :Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Oriental, and Cordillera Central
  • Only South American Country that is bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean
  • Three important rivers: Sinu′, Atrato,

and Magdalena.

                  • Medellin Colombia----------------
  • Alfonso De Ojedo in 1500, was the first European to step foot in Colombia
  • At that time there about eight different groups of Indians, totaling around 700,000 people developed groups were the Muisca and the Chibcha
  • The land of Colombia was first known as the El Dorado
history ii
  • In 1525 the first Spanish settlements were made in Santa Marta
  • Not too long after in 1533 people settled in Cartagena
  • In 1536, Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada was the first to not settle on the shore
  • Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada and his crew of men founded Bogatá
  • Not too long after, two other men stumbled upon Bogatá, Sebastián de Benalcázar and Nicolaus de Federmann
history iii
  • All three men got together and went to the court of Spain and submitted their claim on Colombia
  • Colombia was then named Nueva Granada and the capital Sante Fe de Bogotá
  • In 1550 a government for Colombia was created
  • For the first years that Spain ruled Colombia, the viceroy of Peru picked the rulers for Colombia
history iv
  • Colombia became a viceroyalty in 1739
  • The independence movement started the 1970s
  • In 1810, Cartagena declared independence, but only for six years until Spain regained control
  • On July 20th 1820, Bogatá
  • Full independence was in August 1819
  • In 1821 the Constitution of Cúcuta set up the Repubic of Colombia
history v
  • In 1827 Bolivar established a dictatorship but resigned in 1829 due to opposition
  • In 1836 Colombia officially took the name Colombia
  • Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus
  • Simón Bolívar was elected president, and Francisco de Paula Santander was the vice president
  • Democratic republic
  • Judicial, legislative, and executive branches
  • 102 Senate seats, elected by popular development
  • 166 seats in House of Representative, elected by popular development
  • ÁlvaroUribe, current

President of Colombia

  • Agricultural products: coffee, bananas, sugarcane, cocoa beans, shrimp
  • Industries: clothing and footwear, food processing, oil, and beverages
  • Population:44,379,598
  • Population growth rate:1.433%
  • Positive growth rate over the past few years
  • Unemployment rate:11.1%
  • Population below poverty line: 49.2%
  • Currency: Peso
interesting facts
  • Known for illicit drugs, murder rate, and kidnappings
  • Used to have the highest murder rate at 62 murders per 100,000 people, now South Africa is the highest
  • It was the worlds largest producer of Cocaine and Coca
  • Language: Spanish
  • Religion: 81-90% Roman Catholic

about 1% Indigenous religions

cultural dance
Cultural Dance
  • Cultures of the World :Colombia
      • By:JillDuBois/Leslie Jermyn