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A Worldwide Assistance leader

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Worldwide Assistance Services, Inc. A Worldwide Assistance leader “You don’t have worldwide assistance unless you have Worldwide Assistance!” ISE Cards –WA October 21, 2005 Discussion topics Worldwide Assistance, your best partner Medical Benefits Non-medical Benefits

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A Worldwide Assistance leader

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you don t have worldwide assistance unless you have worldwide assistance

“You don’t have worldwide assistance unless you have Worldwide Assistance!”

ISE Cards –WA

October 21, 2005

discussion topics
Discussion topics
  • Worldwide Assistance, your best partner
  • Medical Benefits
  • Non-medical Benefits
  • Available Benefits
  • Comprehensive Travel Assistance
  • Current Medical Case Flow Process

Worldwide Assistance is your best partner!

  • “The world’s oldest and most experienced assistance company.” - Leading the world of assistance since 1963!
  • 208 Countries and Territories Covered
    • 39 around-the-clock Alarm Centers in 34 countries
    • 4,500 employees
    • 250 Agent Offices
    • Constant Activity (2004 group data)
    • 41.7 million telephone calls (1 call/second)
    • 7.4 million assistance cases opened (one case every 5 seconds)
    • 8,000 transportsannually worldwide

Clinical advantages

20-year old partnership with George Washington University’s Department of Emergency Medicine means medical travel assistance dedicated to the patient.

400 medical professionals in the group.

Network Advantages

Shared resources and worldwide “on the ground” presence.

Proprietary database represents over 400,000 active provider relationships.

Customer Service Advantages

WA’s expertise and service provide quality support to ISE members.

We can customize based on your needs!

We support your business development!

Exceptional capabilities

Truly international scope affords innovative market-focused solutions.

Ability to assist under exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Tightly controlled inter-office structure provides the most consistent and controlled service approach.

Owned by Generali Insurance – resources for innovation.

Financial stability assures long-term business partnerships.

Name Recognition.


medical benefits
Medical Benefits


  • Monitoring of Medical Conditions
  • Medical Referrals
  • Evacuation(limited to $5,000 CSL)
  • Repatriation
  • Medical coverage up to $2,000.
non medical benefits
Non-Medical Benefits


  • Legal Referral
  • Embassy/Consular Referrals
  • Lost Baggage/Items Assistance
  • Travel Agency Benefits – change of itinerary/tickets, etc.
  • Lost passport assistance
available additional services medical
Available Additional Services, Medical
  • Return of Mortal Remains
  • Return of Traveling Companion
  • Transport Escort Benefit
  • Visit by family member/friend
  • Coordination/Assistance with Medical Payment
  • Advance of medical expenses
  • Medical emergency expense guarantee/ advance overseas
available additional services non medical
Available Additional Services, Non- Medical
  • Advance of Cash
  • Emergency Message Relay
  • Phone Interpretation and Translation Services
  • Advance of Bail
  • Pre-trip/travel information
  • Cultural Information
  • Ski reports, etc.
available benefits
Available Benefits
  • Additional medical and transport coverage – inbound and outbound – optional to the member.
  • Web-enabled Services
  • Security Services
    • Alert Headlines
    • Country/City Profiles
    • Political Evacuation
  • Nurse Hotline
  • Identity Theft Assistance
comprehensive travel assistance
Comprehensive Travel Assistance










medical case flow process
Medical Case Flow Process

Call from Member/ Friend

WA Coordinator

  • Opens file, obtains info
  • Notifies via phone call and/or e-mail Franz Jost.
  • Obtains MC/RNC as quickly as possible.
  • Provides continuing feedback to Franz Jost and manages updates.

Nurse Contact (RN to MD/RN)

(Applies if invasive procedure)

  • Contacts provider for information/coordination
  • Updates to Franz Jost
  • Follow up


Medical Claim

General Notes & Protocol

  • Standard toll free/collect number
  • WA authorized by to arrange for emergency transport services after verification of eligibility
  • Up to $5,000 coverage
  • Member has up to $2,000 in medical expense coverage. Adjudication not through WA.


  • Continued Medical Monitoring
  • WA updates Franz Jost
  • Closes case file once resolved (no medical expense involvement)

No Transport

  • Medical Contact (MD to MD)
  • Assessment of patient condition
  • Transport recommendation
  • Update to ACE advising of travel recommendation as applicable

Medical Claim

  • WA advises claim to be submitted to ISE Card.
  • Up to $2,000 expense guarantee
  • WA may guarantee inpatient/outpatient expenses with approval from Franz Jost up to designated amount.
  • WA re-invoices ISE in case of advance

Repatriation Evacuation

Transport Coordination

  • Coordinator arranges transport
  • Contacts providers for update
  • Provides payment guarantee/ coordination
  • Arranges receiving end
  • Coordinates admission
  • Conducts follow-up on transport
  • Periodic updates to ISE throughout
  • Provider bills reviewed and payments prepared
  • WA bills ISE (med. necessary transport) or member (on request)
  • EOB and check mailed
  • to provider/patient

Payments to Providers of Medical Transports

Review and settlement to WA

Claims reports, case management reports to ISE upon request


For more information:

Please contact Helmut Terjung

Director of Client Services


202 659 7775