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A Great Lakes Primer PowerPoint Presentation
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A Great Lakes Primer

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A Great Lakes Primer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Great Lakes Primer. Great Lakes Basin. Great Lakes Profile. Morphometry and Development. Phosphorus and Eutrophication. Trophic State Index. Trophic State Index. Trophic State Index. Trophic State Index. Trophic State Index. Trophic State Index. Toxic Substances. Invasive Species.

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A Great Lakes Primer

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    1. A Great Lakes Primer

    2. Great Lakes Basin

    3. Great Lakes Profile

    4. Morphometry and Development

    5. Phosphorus and Eutrophication

    6. Trophic State Index

    7. Trophic State Index

    8. Trophic State Index

    9. Trophic State Index

    10. Trophic State Index

    11. Trophic State Index

    12. Toxic Substances

    13. Invasive Species 183 non-indigenous species in the Great Lakes (NOAA)

    14. Areas of Concern GLWQA Areas of Concern (AOCs): severely degraded sites with impaired beneficial use Remedial Action Plans (RAPs): specify problems and methods of correcting them Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs): plan to assess, restore, and protect ecosystem health

    15. Areas of Concern Waukegan Harbor (IL) PCBs Outboard Marine Corporation Presque Isle Bay (PA) PAHs, heavy metals Rouge River (MI) Urban storm water discharges, CSOs, nonpoint source pollution, and municipal and industrial discharges

    16. From the Literature – Lake Superior Toxaphene was a popular replacement for DDT until being banned in 1982. Here, atmospheric sampling and back-trajectory analysis are applied to quantify rates of deposition and sources for Lake Superior.

    17. From the Literature – Lake Michigan Beach closing due to fecal contamination are closely associated with public perception of water quality

    18. From the Literature – Lake Huron Numbers on x-axis refer to depth zones: 1 = shallow, 2 = intermediate, 3 = deep

    19. From the Literature – Lake Erie Black area is region of anoxia. Number at bottom is depletion rate.

    20. From the Literature – Lake Ontario Mirex is an organic chemical used as a fire retardant and insecticide (fire ants). It has a long half-life. It was found to be present in fish in northern Lake Ontario, but no source was identified.

    21. A Great Lakes Primer