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Wedding Designers Toronto PowerPoint Presentation
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Wedding Designers Toronto

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Wedding Designers Toronto
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Wedding Designers Toronto

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  1. Art of Celebrations Art of Celebrations - The Best Wedding Planners & Designers in Toronto. Specializing in Event Planning, Wedding Planning and have great Party planners in town.

  2. Unplugged Wedding • A new arising trend is to have an unplugged wedding. What this means is that guests are asked not to use their phones or cameras during the day. The aim of this is to have guests just enjoy the wedding without the digital distraction. It is more common to ask the guests to turn off their phones and cameras for the ceremony rather than the reception.

  3. The couple might wish to consider having an unplugged ceremony or entirely unplugged wedding for various reasons. One of the main reasons for having an unplugged wedding would be to just to make sure that the professional photographer is able to work in peace and doesn’t have guests getting infront of him and ruining the pictures of your special day. The main reason why guests might ruin the professional photographer’s pictures is when they jump in front of him or then the flashes from the quest cameras ruin the picture. These are some things that cannot be even fixed with Photoshop.

  4. Some brides these days don’t wish to ban only cameras but social media as well during their special day. The reasoning behind this is that the couple wish to have the undivided attention of their guests as well as to make sure that the guests have the opportunity to enjoy the day. It is also better for everyone and for the wedding photos and there will not be a phone blocking anyone’s view or ruining the picture.   • Guests must also take into consideration that some couples do not wish to have guests posting photos on social media during the day and even afterwards.

  5. Having an unplugged wedding has positive effect for the bride and groom and well as to the guests. Guests may easily get distracted to the social media sites. On the special day I am sure that every bride wishes the eyes to be on her and not in a phone or an iPad. • When planning an unplugged wedding make sure to inform our guests about it well advanced so it does not take anyone by surprise during the day. It is also advised to remind the guests about this at the beginning of the day. Also make sure to bring out the reason why you wish to have an unplugged wedding for example telling the guests that you wish them to enjoy the day and to be present.