fixing paper feed issue on brother printer n.
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Fixing Paper Feed issue on Brother Printer PowerPoint Presentation
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Fixing Paper Feed issue on Brother Printer

Fixing Paper Feed issue on Brother Printer

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Fixing Paper Feed issue on Brother Printer

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  1. Fixing Paper Feed issue on Brother Printer

  2. Printer has been one of the most important tool every organization needs. Brother Printers is amongst the popular brands companies trust upon. And like other devices, Brother Printers do require regular maintenance for carrying out their business operations smoothly. And there are different reasons on which maintenance depends as how continuously machine has been used, how many printouts you got from the device and much more.

  3. And the most common trouble we all face while printing is the paper out of paper feeder. The reason behind this issue can be either dirty separation roller, pickup roller or both. These rollers get dirty with the passage of time due to regular usage and other airborne debris.

  4. Follow the below process for resolving the printer’s paper feed problem: • First, you need to turn off your Brother device and unplug it from the wall socket. • From the printer, take out the paper tray. Just have a look inside the paper tray of the machine. You will find a separation roller as well as the pickup roller. And do have a look to check whether the surface of the rollers is dirty or not. • You can use microfiber cloth (soaked in water) for cleaning the rollers. Let the rollers dry for some time. It is advised not to use any cleaning solutions or alcohol on the rollers surface.

  5. Now again assemble the printer and plug it in power cord into the outlet. Again turn on the device and access it normally. • With the help of above steps you can easily resolve the paper feed trouble of your Brother device. • Contact Brother Support team if you are unable to fix the above issue: • You can talk to the team of technicians and engineers if you have any issue with your printer by dialing Brother Customer Support Canada 1-844-888-3870. The team will understand and fix your issue once you reach them. We assure you to get the desired help from the team. You can also contact us anytime via live chat or email.

  6. Brother Tech Support Canada Brother Printer Helpline Number 1-844-888-3870 Original Source