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The Amazing Race Australia Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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The Amazing Race Australia Overview

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The Amazing Race Australia Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The world\'s biggest TV adventure is back! The Amazing Race Australia involves teams of two racing around the world for the chance to win a big cash prize. If you and a teammate have what it takes then apply here.

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tables of content

Tables Of content

The amazing race Australia


Route Markers




Series Summary



the amazing race australia

The Amazing race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia is an Australian reality game show based on the American TV series, The Amazing Race.

On 19 July 2010, Seven Network purchased the format rights to produce the Australian series.The first two series of the show was produced by activeTV in association with ABC Studios. The third series was produced in-house by the Seven Network.



Each team is composed of two individuals who have some type of relationship to each other. A total of 64 participants have joined The Amazing Race Australia.

route markers

Route Markers

Route Markers are yellow and red flags that mark the places where teams must go. Most Route Markers are attached to the boxes that contain clue envelopes, but some may mark the place where the teams must go in order to complete tasks, or may be used to line a course that the teams must follow. Route markers were, however, coloured yellow and green in the second leg of series 1 to avoid confusion with the flag of South Vietnam.



When teams start a leg, arrive at Route Markers, or complete certain tasks, they normally receive a letter-sized tear-away envelope that contains their next clue inside a vertical-fold folder.

The clues themselves are typically printed on a vertical strip of paper, although additional information is often provided inside the clue folder. After retrieving the clue, teams open the envelope and read aloud the instructions given on the clue sheet and then follow those instructions



For the first season, both team members are to perform a maximum of 6 Roadblocks. It is assumed that a similar rule was used for season 2 but there were several roadblocks that went unaired.

Unless otherwise stated, such as during Roadblocks, team members must stay within 6 meters of each other and stay close to their assigned camera and sound crew.



If a team fails to complete a Roadblock, Detour, Speed Bump, or Route Info task, they receive a 4-hour penalty.

If a team hitchhikes or travels in privately owned vehicles, they receive a 20-minute penalty.

If a team sells their own items in order to raise money, they receive a 30-minute penalty (which is a two-hour penalty in the US version).

series summary

Series Summary

The first series premiered in May 2011 and ended in August 2011. The second series premiered in May 2012 and ended in August 2012. The casting for a third series began in August 2012, however it was notably absent when the network revealed its 2013 schedule in October. A 2013 series of the show was replaced by an unsuccessful revival of The Mole. A new season was launched in August 2014, involving teams from New Zealand and titled The Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand.



The premiere episode of series 1 was placed in top 5 ratings behind Master Chef Australia, Come Fly with Me and two nightly news. It had more viewers in the Melbourne and its regional area during the week of 15–21 May 2011