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Los Angeles Private Tour

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You have always heard about the popular Hollywood royalty staying in places like Beverly Hills or partying at Malibu, right! Well, with our celebrity home tour, you have the chance to witness the abode of popular celebrities. You can click pictures at their home and keep it as a fond memory of your LA tour.Website: http://www.ladventuretour.com/star-home-tours/

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celebrity home tour

Celebrity Home Tour

Presented By


witness los angeles most iconic landmark

Witness Los Angeles Most Iconic Landmark

Personalized Way

Every year, millions of visitors come to Los Angeles, many of them

with hopes of spotting their favorite celebrity or movie star on the

road. Only few of them have had the chance to witness them from

close, while others turn back with failed dreams and expectations.

Actually, seeing them close and knowing about their lifestyle habits

and where they live is fascinating.

How about taking a private tour to star homes? Exciting, isn’t it!

Taking a personalized celebrity home tours in a luxury vehicle gives

an immense opportunity to see the legendry properties in Beverly

Hills and Hollywood Hills. The famous Hollywood Hills are covered

with many star homes of today as well as yesterday like Leonardo

DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, and Lucille

Ball while also taking in some very scenic views of the city below.

On other hand, the windy canyon roads of Beverly Hills will hold

your breath, as there are some beautiful sights of USA most scenic

drives swift through the way to Beverly Hills. Wandering around the

star homes is an incredible experience.

Witness Los Angeles Most Iconic Landmark in a

Personalized Way --

in a

--- -

celebrity home tours will lead you through

Celebrity home tours will lead you through the most iconic

landmarks aboard comfortable in a luxury car. Embark on this

private sightseeing tour to witness the most lavish homes of your

favorite celebrities. The exclusive neighborhood of Hollywood hills,

admire the local architecture and see the iconic homes within the

capitol of entertainment. Let’s check out what private tours in land

of dreams have for you!

Open doors for Information

Open doors for Information

Most LA visitors want to see the stars and the actual locations where

they live, work, eat and play. This tour will give you a personalized

glimpse of the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle you have only read

about or seen on TV! Relax as the fun and expert guides take you on

the most comprehensive tour of the celebrity mansions in Beverly

Hills, & The Hollywood Hills.

driver driver cum while taking a luxury tour


Driver- -cum

While taking a luxury tour to LA, you will follow by a

knowledgeable and experienced driver. They will drive to the exotic

location and guide you, as well. Enjoy a relaxed and informative

guided tour, the driver will show some of the most beautiful homes

from the glory of Beverly Hills and today. Fascinating information

about Los Angeles and the people who have made it historic, story

behind the biggest dignitaries and royalty of past days, and star

whose names with glitzy building in the city will be shared with you.

Ride you on time-machine, not literally infact!

cum- -Guide assistance

Guide assistance

celebrity home tours can take you back in time

Celebrity home tours can take you back in time to Pickfair, home of

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr in the 1020’s. They were

Hollywood royalty in their day like Albert Einstein, Winston

Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Moving up some decades and

nearby are the former homes of Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball,

Humphrey Bogart, and Frank Sinatra. At the heart of so many of

these mansions is the Beverly Hills Hotel where it all started, before

Beverly Hills itself even existed, over 100 years ago. Come see how

antiquated buildings of that time still maintained its charm and

significance in the present era.

A private tour to celebrity provides an escape to the world of glitz

and glamour. Do not miss the golden chance, book the private tour

celebrity home tour with LA’s most reputed tour agency. Ask for

guided tours and luxury ride to LAdventure Tours. See Los Angeles

the Way You Want!

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