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Holistic Health Care - Keeping You Healthy In Body And Mind PowerPoint Presentation
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Holistic Health Care - Keeping You Healthy In Body And Mind

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Holistic Health Care - Keeping You Healthy In Body And Mind
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Holistic Health Care - Keeping You Healthy In Body And Mind

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  1. Holistic Health Care -Keeping You Healthy In Body And Mind

  2. Synopsis 1. The Role of a Psychotherapist in Treating Mental Health Issues 2. How Does Psychotherapy Help in Better Mental Health 3. Holistic Health: For a Healthy Mind, Spirit and Body 4. Agoraphobia: Look for the Best Treatment Plan 5. Holistic Medicine: The Key to Healthy Mind, Body and Soul 6. Healthy Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  3. The Role of a Psychotherapist in Treating Mental Health Issues • Discussing Problems to Find Solutions – The major role of a psychotherapist is to engage you in a conversation about your mental health issues and the problems related to depression and stress that conjure up in your mind from time to time. The reason behind having a meaningful conversation about emotions and feelings of a person. – The therapist could ask you to write down the number times you lost your temper, including listing the reason behind the outburst. Moreover, the psychotherapist can ask you about the time when you felt low. Benefits of Seeking Help from a Psychotherapist – It’s important to keep in mind that talking about your feelings, emotions and other issues is a very crucial part of your treatment. It will help you to look at things with a new perspective and take a look at people, events and occurrences from a different angle. How to Get the Most Out From your Sessions with Psychotherapist? – The best way to get the most out of your therapy is to enlist the things that deeply sadden, depresses, and angers you. Then you can make a list of experiences or events that bring joy and happy memories. You can make a list of all the people who have played an important part in your life. During sessions, you must talk about the thoughts that urge you to hurt yourself. • •

  4. How Does Psychotherapy Help in Better Mental Health • A Viable Solution for Curing Mental Issues – Psychotherapy is known as talk therapy and the process is straightforward and simple. As a patient, you need to talk to your therapist about the different problems you faced today. After listening to your day carefully the therapist provides adequate solutions to your problems through psychotherapy. Communication between the Therapist and the Patient Must be Excellent – Excellent communication is necessary between a therapist and the patient for a psychotherapy session to be fruitful. Today, the average time for a session is anything from 45 minutes to an hour, in some cases, the time exceeds considerably. The Natural of a Relationship between Psychotherapist and the Patient – A client and the psychotherapist must maintain a professional relationship at all times. The reason behind maintaining a strictly professional relationship is that this way the therapist can be truly impartial when it comes to the treatment and wellbeing of the client. • •

  5. Holistic Health: For a Healthy Mind, Spirit and Body • The Holistic Approach Includes Spiritual Elements of a Person – One of the main aspects of holistic health concept is to identify the spiritual element of an individual’s personality. Holistic experts believe that illness and pain affect the spirit that can lead to emotional symptoms along with physical pain. – The goal of a holistic approach to treatment is to aim at the spiritual healing as well. Most doctors focus on clearing the physical ailments while the spiritual aspect is not even considered. In holistic treatment, emotional and mental wellbeing is mandatory. The Perfect Alternative Medicine – Holistic medicine is not just a traditional alternative treatment like acupuncture and homoeopathy, what makes it different is that many holistic practitioners use modern western medicine along with holistic treatment methods. The difference is that a holistic healthcare expert will try to locate the cause of the illness and focus on other elements apart from the physical condition of the patient. Be in Control of Your Health – According to holistic belief, people have the ability to control their own well- being. Moreover, we have the ultimate ability to cure ourselves and make our mind and body better. We have the right to choose how we want our health to be. We can choose to eat healthily and avoid fast food. However, it’s our choice to eat fatty or unhealthy food, then we have to bear the consequences of such a lifestyle. So, it’s up to us to choose a suitable lifestyle that brings you closer to your surroundings and environment by being in control of our health and wellbeing. • •

  6. Agoraphobia: Look for the Best Treatment Plan • Diagnosis and Treatment – If you believe you are an agoraphobic, then there are some signs and symptoms that you need to look out for. Generally, a person with agoraphobia becomes anxious which triggers fear based panic attacks. If you feel trapped, lonely, embarrassed, and helplessly unable to breath are some of the early symptoms of agoraphobia. Moreover, you will have a tough time in crowded places as the constant overwhelming fear turns into a panic attack. Self Help Methods to Deal with Agoraphobia – Focus on Something Visible and Non-Threatening • To fight your fears in a crowded place, try to focus on a specific non- threatening object such as the items in a store. Keep yourself busy by trying to look for a specific scent or by trying perfume samples. Keeping busy will help you fight the fears and prevent a panic attack. – Be Calm and Breathe Deeply and Slowly • Breathing is the best way to help you deal with a situation that puts you in anxiety and panic. Rapid breathing will make you anxious; hence try to take deep breaths slowly to help relax your mind. Start a countdown with each breath to be calm. – Don’t Fight an Imminent Panic Attack • If you are close to panic attack then fighting it will make things worse. Instead, what you can do is reassure yourself that it will pass soon, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, the panic attack is not dangerous and you are completely safe despite the attack. Keep telling yourself how strong and brave you are for handling this on your own. •

  7. Holistic Medicine: The Key to Healthy Mind, Body and Soul • One of the core principles of holistic medication and healthcare is the strong belief of unconditional love and support is the most powerful healing source. Moreover, the concept states that each person is responsible for his or her individual wellbeing. Some other principles of holistic medicine are: – Looking for a cause of the illness – Not focused on fixing or healing the symptoms but find a complete solution – Relies on using different traditional and non-traditional medical approaches – People have strong distinctive healing powers – Healing is team approach that includes the patient, the doctor and the different problems of your life Holistic treatment methods use different types of treatment methods to assist patients to be more responsible towards their health and wellbeing. A holistic medicine practitioner includes patient education, lifestyle changes and self-care to help promote better health and wellness among the masses. The education can include a healthy diet, psychotherapy, spiritual counsellingand relationship counselling. •

  8. Healthy Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Eat a High-FibreDiet – Fibre is an excellent option for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, eating fibre rich foods can help reduce the painful cramps and bloating. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lots of greens will help prevent constipation. Using soluble fibre from vegetables and fruits is a good option to avoid bloating. The fibre found in whole grains can cause excessive bloating in some people. Rely on a Gluten Free Diet – Gluten is a type of protein usually found in whole grain items like wheat. If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome then the best option for you is to try a gluten-free diet. Avoid eating bread, pasta and other products that include grains. If you have IBS, it’s better to quit eating rye, barley, wheat, pasta, and bread to help you reduce your symptoms. The good news is there are gluten-free products available in different health food stores across Canada. Avoid Eating Fatty Fast Food – Fast food is unhealthy but it is particularly unsafe for consumption by someone who has irritable bowel syndrome. Most fast food is deep-fried, which means it has less nutritional value and more fats. They have the tendency to cause excessive bloating. Hence, we recommend that you avoid all types of deep-fried fast food. • •

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