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welcome the exciting world of chart logic enjoy the experience of working without papers n.
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Explore new possibilities with paperless medical documentati PowerPoint Presentation
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Explore new possibilities with paperless medical documentati

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Explore new possibilities with paperless medical documentati
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Explore new possibilities with paperless medical documentati

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  1. Welcome the exciting world of Chart Logic. Enjoy the experience of working without papers.

  2. Chart Logic offers state of the art software for doctors to easily manage their profession. The salient features of our services are: A voice enabled technology which makes it convenient to manage documents through voice driven processes.

  3. PrecisionVoice™ is more than simple dictation technology; it’s a truly unique charting experience. With its superior command-and-control capabilities and highly accurate speech recognition, PrecisionVoice™ is the only tool that will allow you to document a note in 90 seconds or less, using the same tool you’ve used for years—your voice.

  4. It enables doctors to prescribe medicines electronically. E-Prescribe eliminate most prescribing errors stem from legibility issues, missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions, and duplicate therapy overdoses. ChartLogicePrescribe drastically reduces these medication errors, improving patient safety and increasing clinic productivity.

  5. It enables doctors to set up standardized treatment plans. The best patient outcome is likely to occur when a patient follows a specific treatment plan. ChartLogic’s Diagnosis Director™ allows you to quickly and easily set up standardized treatment plans within the EMR software.

  6. How it works: After a doctor chooses a diagnosis, a short list of plan items—specifically set up for that diagnosis—will display. The doctor can then quickly choose the appropriate codes for the care plan, and then proceed with the patient encounter. Billing codes are immediately sent to the practice management software, saving time and money.

  7. It helps you to connect with your patients using a web portal. ChartLogic Patient Portal integrates seamlessly with ChartLogic EMR and PM, enhancing your workflow by reducing call volume and administration costs while improving communication with your patients.

  8. ChartLogic’s EHR Suite boasts an arsenal of features designed to eliminate the costs and hassles of managing paper documents, while streamlining efficiency within your practice.

  9. News & Events The ChartLogic newsroom is the leading source for all news related to electronic health records (EHRs), meaningful use, and health information technology. Here you will find daily news updates, insights from the ChartLogic management team, and exclusive updates and tips on the latest ChartLogic software.

  10. What is Meaningful Use? Meaningful use is an incentive program set up by the government that incentives doctors to not just adopt, but use, certified electronic health records (EHR) technology like ChartLogic. Eligible professionals (EPs) and hospitals can receive up to $44,000 through Medicare or up to $63,750 through Medicaid over a span of several years. The meaningful use program is part of the HITECH Act passed in 2009.

  11. To help EPs and hospitals transition to meaningful use compliance, the program is split into three stages. • Stage 1: Began in 2011 • Stage 2: Begins in 2014 • Stage 3: Begins in 2016 EPs and hospitals will spend a minimum of two years on each stage. For more information about how the stages are split up, click here.

  12. The website www.chartlogic.comoffers complete information about our services. • ChartLogicCorporate Office: • ChartLogic, Inc. • 3995 South 700 East, Suite 200 • Salt Lake City,Utah 84107 • Phone: (801) 365-1800 • Toll Free: (888) 337-4441 • URL: http://www.chartlogic.com/

  13. Thank You