Five kitchen cabinet ideas for revitalized modern look
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Five Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Revitalized, Modern Look - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Color kitchen cabinets
Color kitchen cabinets

First of all decide what you want your kitchen to look like. If you want your kitchen to look mod and contemporary, try forging your traditional cabinets with dark colors, because painting old, stained cabinets with decent colors is a simple way to pep up your kitchen for less. It’s not necessary to use bright colors. You can go for sober, neutral color like grey, blue, white, etc. for modern-yet-classic statement.

Textured wood cabinetry
Textured wood cabinetry

Wood is and will always be the best kitchen cabinet material. Usually plane wood is used for cabinetry, which is a common practice. However, to make your kitchen look different and visually appealing at the same time, wood with texture (grains and stripes) can be used.

Rustic wood kitchen cabinets
Rustic wood kitchen cabinets

If you are fed up of seeing bright colors in your kitchen, then it’s time to bring some soberness to your kitchen. These days, people are so impressed from contemporary interior designers that they try to use the same color schemes and fluidic designs like Karim Rashid does in most of his designs.

Hovering kitchen c abinets
Hovering Kitchen Cabinets

A levitating kitchen cabinet provides a futuristic look to your kitchen. This is just one benefit of having a floating cabinet in your kitchen, however, coming back to more practical approach, the vacant space created underneath the cabinetry opens up kitchen floor space in an illusionary way to make your kitchen look bigger and spacious, and a way to flaunt your brand new flooring.

Sustainable kitchen cabinets
Sustainable kitchen cabinets

Green is the new red. So adding sustainability to kitchen is a great way to go green. Building cabinets using recycled wood is one option but requires great efforts and time. So, bamboo is a good option which is durable and aesthetically appealing at the same time.

Five kitchen cabinet ideas for revitalized modern look

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