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Unique Gifts and Party Favours Ideas

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Unique Gifts and Party Favours Ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> Learn about Some Impressive Novelty Gifts Ideas.\n>> Few Things to Bear in Mind When Buying Novelty Gifts.\n>> Learn to Organize Party Favors in the Right Way.\n>> Two Things to Consider When Buying New Party Favors.\n>> Learn What to Include in Loot Bags to Make them Attractive.

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unique gifts and party favours ideas




Because No One Likes Boring Presents



Learn about Some Impressive Novelty Gifts


Few Things to Bear in Mind When Buying Novelty


Learn to Organize Party Favors in the Right Way

Two Things to Consider When Buying New Party


Learn What to Include in Loot Bags to Make

them Attractive

learn about some impressive novelty gifts ideas

Learn about Some Impressive

Novelty Gifts Ideas

◦ Consider buying a USB pet rock. You can now find many USB gifts that are highly

usable and effective. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy these gifts,

but they certainly offer some value to your recipient. Pet Rock is a great choice

because it works amazingly well for a pet lover. Before you decide to buy a USB-

based novelty gift, you need to ensure that it is compatible with multiple operating

systems. If your recipient cannot use it on their computer, there is no point in

wasting money on a USB gift.

◦ Another great idea is to give a "grow a girlfriend/boyfriend" gift that can bring smile

to the face of your recipient. The gift works even better when your recipient is

currently experiencing some dating problems. All they have to do is place that gift

in water and in about 72 hours, they will be ready to meet their new partner, which

will grow to more than six times in size as compared to their original size.

◦ Depending on who your recipient is, you may find it a good idea to give away

some novelty pillows. The options are virtually unlimited. You can opt for anything

that would make your recipient feel light. For instance, you can put your money on

donut pillows, or you opt for sequin changing pillows. Those who love spending time

on social media may appreciate the idea of receiving eMoji changing pillows. If

you are looking for novelty gifts to be given on birthdays, it may be a good idea to

opt for comfy pillows, monkey pillows, and even unicorn pillows. The idea is quite

impressive, but you have to take your time to decide on what types of pillows will

suit the occasion and the theme.

few things to bear in mind when buying novelty

Few Things to Bear in Mind

When Buying Novelty Gifts

 Always put some thought into buying the gift. You should bear in mind that you will

be spending money to buy a gift, so it is important to ensure that is something

meaningful and productive. You may want to select something that expresses your

personalities. It means that you can buy something that is of interest for your

recipient. If you both are into wine, you may consider buying mini wine bottles that

come with personalized labels. Similarly, you can put your money on golf balls if you

two love to hit the links every weekend. The options are unlimited, but you should

ensure that whatever you buy offers some value and meaning.

 Buying and giving novelty gifts is a good idea, but you need to ensure that what

you buy would not be tagged as clutter. When you opt for a t-shirt, understand

that your recipient will have to find storage space for it, especially when it is too

quirky for them to wear it often. Similarly, you may consider giving them novelty

mug, but it will again occupy space without offering much value. Therefore, you

should be opting for something that is useful and is not considered clutter.

 Do not try to be too creative when it comes to buying novelty gifts. You should also

bear in mind that novelty gifts work best when given to friends. In other words, you

can afford to be creative when picking gifts for friendship relationships. They can

be very impressive, but you have to understand that their impact can often be

very short-lived. Therefore, you have to consider who your recipient is and then

decide on the type of novelty gift best suited for the occasion and the relationship.

learn to organize party favors in the right way

Learn to Organize Party

Favors in the Right Way

◦ Try to bag up those favors instead of throwing them into a big pile. The best option

is to sort everything and then find similar items. You need to bag those items

separately. For this purpose, you can use zippered storage bags. It does not matter

whether you have some New Year's noisemakers or you have some Mardi Gras

beads left with you. Just sort them properly and bag them. Do not forget to mark

each bag with the theme and the occasion. You can do the same when you buy

a variety of party favors and want them stored properly. Bagging them separately

right from the start will save you from going through any hassle once the part is

over. It will certainly take some time to have them sorted individually, but this will

save you from losing a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend to buy

favors for new party occasions.

learn to organize party favors in the right way 1

Learn to Organize Party

Favors in the Right Way

◦ Consider buying decorative boxes for your party favors. It is even better to opt for

clear storage boxes, so you could see exactly what you have stored in there. You

can invest in an assortment of clear storage boxes – opt for boxes made of plastic

to avoid spending a lot of money. It is possible to tag or decorate your boxes as per

the occasion or the theme. You can also store new favors in those boxes, and even

buy some more considering what you already have and what will compliment


◦ Understand the importance of labeling everything. Even when you have done the

hard work required to store your party favors in different boxes, you may still find it

confusing when you decide to use them. The best way to avoid any confusion is to

label everything properly. You need to label the bags that contain specific items

and then label the boxes that contain those bags. It is even better to spend some

time making an inventory list and stick it outside of each box. Just by having a

quick look at that inventory list, you will get an idea of what you already have and

what else you need to buy as per the occasion or the theme.

two things to consider when buying new party

Two Things to Consider When

Buying New Party Favors

o Learn to think practically when buying party favors. You should certainly

consider what you have in stock, but you can try to be creative with your

new purchase. You may certainly be thinking of buying those monogrammed

ornaments, but do not make a hasty decision. You have to ask yourself if it

would really make sense to give those ornaments to your guests. There is no

point in investing money on favors that would end up in the trash. The best

idea is to put your money on edible favors. It works even better if you already

have some of those monogrammed ornaments in your possession and you

can combine them with edible favors. They work amazingly well, as your

guests can enjoy them at the party or on the way back home. Anything like

mini pies, cake pops, or even macarons will work great here.

o Be sure to try whatever you want to buy. It means that if you are going to buy

edible favors, it is important to try them before you offer them to your guests.

Some edible favors may look great, but they may not taste that good.

Similarly, you may be going with handcrafted soaps, but they may spoil

everything if they do not have the right scent. Therefore, you should not take

any chances and ensure that you try those favors first.

learn what to include in loot bags to make them

Learn What to Include in Loot

Bags to Make them


◦ Consider including some emoji bandanas in your loot bags because

kids love them. They do not cost a lot but will certainly provide kids

with something to use often.

◦ How about including a lunch money coin box in your loot bags. The

idea works great if you have young kids attending the party.

◦ Be sure to include some candies and sweet stuff in the goody bag.

Whether you are making a good bag for Halloween, or for another

occasion, you should never forget to include some sweets.

◦ Another great item to include in your loot bags is sports puffer balls.

They serve as a perfect gift for kids over the age 3. You can plain

ball or you can opt for rubbery balls with spikes on them. Putting

your money on balls that are super squeezable is an even better


◦ You can always opt for plush pet head keychains when throwing an

animal themed party. These keychains are not expensive, but

animal lovers will certainly find them attractive.

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