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Guide to Download iOS 10 and Install It on Your iPhone

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Guide to Download iOS 10 and Install It on Your iPhone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iOS 10 is available! Can\'t wait to update your device to it? Don\'t be in a hurry. There\'s a full guide to upgrade your iPhone/iPad/iPod to iOS 10.\n

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Tips to Download iOS 10 and Install It on Your iPhone

Coming out with quite a few outstanding new features, iOS 10 is certainly becoming the foreground

of public attention. Now that it's available for iOS users since September 13, it's catching increasing

attention across the world. Just as I can't wait to update my iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 10, I believe many

of you also want to do so. Take it easy, let's see what's new on iOS 10 in advance.

New Eyes-catching Features of iOS 10

1. Raise to wake. Once you pick up your iPhone/iPad/iPod, it will wake up automatically with no

need to press down "Home" key or "Power" button.

2. Rich lockscreen notifications allow you to keep informed all day long.

3. Got too many notifications? Clear all with one button in a glance.

4. Water detection. As long as there is a potential to water damage, you will get warned. Also,

related instructions will be offered along.

5. Abrand new Control Center. You can easily access more functions in the same screen.

6. Great-enhanced Siri with improved takes, third-party apps and Quick Type keyboard.

Also, make sure that your device is compatible to iOS 10:

iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus/iPhone SE/iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPad 4, iPad Air, iPadAir 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4

iPod touch 6th generation

Now, there are three ways to update your iPhone/iPad/iPod to iOS 10. Please scroll down and find

the one you like the best.


Notes: Things Must Do before Updating to iOS 10

Method 1: Update iDevice to iOS 10 Over theAir

Method 2: Update iDevice to iOS 10 via iTunes

Method 3: Update iDevice to iOS 10 via Professional Software

Tips & Tricks: How to Downgrade to iOS 9 if iOS 10 is Less Desirable?

Notes: Things Must Do before Updating to iOS 10

Things go wrong sometimes and making full preparation for unexpected things is always a great idea.

We've received some reports from iOS users saying that they fail to update to the latest version of

iOS. What's worse, some contents are missing after that. Therefore, please make a backup for your

existing data on iPhone/iPad/iPod before you perform the update.

Make a Backup Though iTunes

You can use iTunes to make an iTunes backup file on computer or to make an iCloud backup file

above the sky. Just launch iTunes and plug your device in Mac/PC. Then go to "Summary" page by

clicking on the "Phone-like" button. Now, hit the "Back Up Now" button and it starts backing up

your device. If you want to make an iCloud backup, please highlight "iCloud" on the left.

Note that you can also encrypt backup files via iTunes. Don't forget your password!

Make a Backup Though iCloud

On your iOS device, go to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Backup" > "Back Up Now", and wait until the

backup is done. Since the process may take a long time, you can enable automatic backup service via

toggling on the bar of "iCloud Backup". It enables to automatically back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod as

long as it's plugged in, locked and connected to a Wi-Fi.

Method 1: Update iDevice to iOS 10 Over theAir

Step 1. Launch "Setting" on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Step 2. Go to "General" > "Software Update", and check for the latest update information.

Step 3. You can now see iOS 10 available for update. It takes around 1.1 GB and the details of the

massive update will be listed on the screen. Please scroll down and check it out.

Step 4. Scroll down and tap "Download and Install". If you have set up passcode, please enter your

passcode again.

Step 5. Please check out "Terms and Conditions" and tap "Agree" to continue.

Step 6. Now, your device will propose an update request to Apple. After that, it begins to download

the iOS 10.

Step 7. After done downloading, please click on "Install Now". You will need to wait a while until

it's done. Then, your device will reboot and you need to re-set up some information like Apple ID,

Wallet, Keychain, and so on.

However, some users report that their devices keep restarting or being stuck on Apple Logo when

using this OTAway to update iPhone. So, the latter two methods are more recommended.

Note that if you're beset by the same situation, iOS System Recovery will fix your device to normal

without any data loss.

Method 2: Update iDevice to iOS 10 via iTunes

Please run the iTunes on your computer and connect your iDevice via USB cable to it. Normally, it

will automatically prompts you that "A new iPhone Software is available" as the pop-up shows


You can choose "Download and Update" to update your device to iOS 10. However, if there is no

pop-up, please go to "Summary" page and click "Update" button. If you see "iTunes will update your

iPhone to iOS 10.0.1 and will verify the update with Apple", please choose "Update". Next, there is a

detailed introduction of iOS 10. Tap "Next" to continue. After your reading "Terms and Conditions",

select "Agree". Now, iTunes is downloading iOS 10 and will later on update your device.

Note that keep your iDevice connecting to iTunes when updating.

Method 3: Update iDevice to iOS 10 via Professional Software

Except the two ways introduce above, using a cutting-edged software is always recommended, which

always lives up to your expectation. iOS System Recovery is one of the best, which allows users to

fix all kinds of iOS system issues. Better yet, it is available to upgrade or downgrade iOS with 100%


Step 1. Download iOS 10 Firmware

You can download iOS 10 from "Choose a Product" > "Choose a Platform" > "Choose

Version", and download it to your Mac/PC. Please save it to a position you remember.

Step 2. Get Device into Recovery Mode

Before updating device, you need to put your iDevice into Recovery Mode. Please power off your

device in the first place. Then press down the "Home" button for 5 seconds and connect your device

to computer. Keep holding the "Home" button until the screen of your device prompts you to connect


Step 3. Run iOS System Recovery

Now, please launch iOS System Recovery and go to "More Tools" > "iOS System Recovery". Now,

tap "Start" to continue.

Here you will be asked to confirm your device model. However, let it alone and tap on "Select" to

open the firmware you download ahead of time.

It takes for less than 10 minutes to complete updating your device. After that, your device will reboot

as usual and be running iOS 10.

Tips & Tricks: How to Downgrade to iOS 9 if iOS 10 is Less Desirable?

Though most users enjoy iOS 10 as expected, some people may find it less favorable and have an

idea of downgrading previous iOS 9. Actually, for those who get used to iOS 9, they might really

find it hard to adapt to iOS 9. So, let's see how to downgrade your device, which can also be done

through iOS System Recovery.

Step 1. Download Firmware of iOS 9.3.5

Similar to the steps above, please go to and download the ispw.file compatible to your


Step 2. Downgrade Your Device to iOS 9.3.5

Please get your device into Recovery Mode above all and connect it to iOS System Recovery. Then,

select the to open. The software will automatically downgrade your device. After the reboot,

your device will be back to iOS 9.

Please remember to do a backup when upgrading/downgrading your iPhone/iPad/iPod. As long as

you follow exactly the steps below, things will go smooth. However, what if your device goes wrong

like being stuck on Apple Logo, restarting all the time and so on, try iOS System Recovery to make

it all right.