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Starting a sign shop in west palm beach

Starting A

Sign Shop In West Palm Beach

If you are looking to start up a sign shop of your own you need to make sure that you do enough

research on the market and choose the right type of business for you to get into. There are two kinds of

sign making industry – one that uses traditional methods. The traditional methods used are screen

printing, hand painting, engraving, gold leafing and neon tube bending. This method requires people to

be more creative and needs a lot of experience and skills. The second one is the kind that uses more

modern techniques like vinyl lettering, large format digital signage. This needs good and expensive

equipment and less creativity and is good if you are to deal in making vehicle wraps in West Palm Beach.

Get Training And Trained Individuals

This is the first thing to be done. Make sure you are trained in what you plan to do. Be it the traditional

type or the modern type. Make sure you have got relevant experience and training. Find more people

who are just as well trained and who would like to invest their skills in your business. Training can be

obtained by taking formal classes at a school or by working at a sign company in West Palm Beach.

Hire A Business Consultant

With the help of a business consultant you can create a business plan for your sign shop and make sure

to do market research in West Palm Beach.

Relevant Permits In West Palm Beach

Make sure you get the relevant business, tax and contractor permits from the local and state

government. You will have to file your business structure forms with the secretary of state if you are

planning to start a corporation, Limited Liability Company or a partnership. Make sure to apply for Tax

and Employer identification Numbers from the IRS. All these information can be gathered from the

relevant websites. Rent out or buy space for your company and make sure you get a business occupancy

permit from your local municipality.

Equipment For Your Sign Shop

Once you have obtained all the relevant permits you need to get equipment for your business. Decide

on what you would like to specialize in, like vehicle wraps for instance. Then you will require high quality

digital printers and equipments to work with vinyl lettering. You will require a vehicle for your company

as well. Make sure to insure the vehicle, the equipment and your shop.