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Use construction adhesive for a strong structure PowerPoint Presentation
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Use construction adhesive for a strong structure

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Use construction adhesive for a strong structure
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Use construction adhesive for a strong structure

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  1. Use construction adhesive for a strong structure

  2. Roff is the pioneer in bringing Construction Chemicals to consumers since 1986. It was the first to introduce the tile-on-tile application in India with Roff Non Skid Adhesive, popularly known as Roff NSA. As a pioneer, Roff is the category definer with high quality products in every category it is present.The Roff Brand was taken over by Pidilite Industries in 2004 - owners of world famous brands such as Fevicol, M-Seal, and Fevikwik.Under the new leadership, the key focus of Roff is to offer consumers a complete range of tile & stone fixing solutions. It also has a wide range of solutions for waterproofing, building repairs, admixtures, sealants to be the truly complete Construction Chemical brand.

  3. Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) Crack-resistant and waterproof tiling Fixing all types of tiles on floors, ceramic and highly porous tiles on walls in new constructions. The polymer-modified cement-based powder needs to be mixed with water for installation of tiles on wall and floor. Water resistant and does not allow cracking of tiles.

  4. In your city you might have noticed those high-rise buildings and towers. Every major city or town in India has several stunning engineering marvels which are just amazing. How are these structures built? Are they safe enough for humans? Whenever any new project is sanctioned the focus is always on the safety and security of the people. All the man-made structures are built with the sole motive to favor the people without causing any harm. From the residential areas to the high-tech industrial parks, everything is built using supreme technology and the finest raw material. In the recent past, we have noticed that these man-made structures have not been fully capable to withstand natural disasters or any other physical miseries. Is there any solution to this problem?

  5. There are indeed many ways out but one can primarily focus on the use of construction chemicals when these structures are built. These chemicals are very necessary for the durability of the houses or buildings. They are capable of offering strength and longevity which can withstand many major problems. The foundation of any structure is regarded as its heart. The use of concrete admixtures is usually preferred to make the foundation rigid and strong. The admixtures are also capable of preventing the structures from environmental affects and during conditions of ground shifting. There are a number of chemicals which are used for various tasks such as surface treatment, floor topping, waterproofing and floor hardening.

  6. The reason why some of the houses collapse is due to many reasons which include bad designing, use of cheap raw materials and fault in the methods of construction. People at times go careless and avoid the use of fine quality construction adhesive in order to save money. This proves very dangerous at the time of any calamity as these houses are more prone to get affected. One must always prefer the use of such materials for the construction of their house or office. A structure which is strong from inside can withstand anything and this point should always be remembered. If you are building a new house then do take some tips from an expert on how to utilize these construction chemicals to acquire a stable foundation. They might help you in making a perfect selection of raw materials. You can also use the internet in acquiring some necessary knowledge regarding these chemicals. Never rush your choices because safety comes first and for that every major step should be taken.

  7. For more information visit us on - Thank You!