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Use ceramic wall tile adhesive for a perfect finish PowerPoint Presentation
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Use ceramic wall tile adhesive for a perfect finish

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Use ceramic wall tile adhesive for a perfect finish
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Use ceramic wall tile adhesive for a perfect finish

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  1. Use ceramic wall tile adhesive for a perfect finish

  2. Roff is the pioneer in bringing Construction Chemicals to consumers since 1986. It was the first to introduce the tile-on-tile application in India with Roff Non Skid Adhesive, popularly known as Roff NSA. As a pioneer, Roff is the category definer with high quality products in every category it is present.The Roff Brand was taken over by Pidilite Industries in 2004 - owners of world famous brands such as Fevicol, M-Seal, and Fevikwik.Under the new leadership, the key focus of Roff is to offer consumers a complete range of tile & stone fixing solutions. It also has a wide range of solutions for waterproofing, building repairs, admixtures, sealants to be the truly complete Construction Chemical brand.

  3. Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) Crack-resistant and waterproof tiling Fixing all types of tiles on floors, ceramic and highly porous tiles on walls in new constructions. The polymer-modified cement-based powder needs to be mixed with water for installation of tiles on wall and floor. Water resistant and does not allow cracking of tiles.

  4. The modern house these days is equipped with some of the latest and impressive designs. People are focusing a lot on the appearance of their houses and offices in order to grab attention. One of the basic products used for modern interior designing is the use of tiles. Tiles offer a fine and complete look for the flooring and also for the walls. There are many designer tiles available which offer an amazing look to the house. But how are these tiles arranged? What material is used to hold these tiles together? The ceramic tile adhesive is often used to place the tiles strongly onto the floor or wall. There are many brands in the market which sell tile adhesive of supreme quality. This material is available in a ready-to-use container or in powder form which is then mixed with water.

  5. If you are planning to decorate your house by tiling it with beautiful and classic frames then you would obviously require a good tile adhesive. Always make sure that whenever you apply this adhesive it must be evenly spread onto the wall or floor so that one can arrange the tiles in a perfect manner. An adhesive spreader is the suitable tool to spread the content properly. If you are planning to redecorate the wall or floor with a new layering of tiles, then always make sure that the surface is free from grease and dirt. Suppose you are planning to tile the area near a hot surrounding like the fireplace. In such a situation, one must use a heat-resistant adhesive for managing the tiles. Areas where the tiles might be exposed to water should be tiled with the use of waterproof adhesives. There are different grades of ceramic wall tile adhesiveavailable in the market depending on the nature of the tile. If you are using a cork tile or a metallic tile, the adhesive used to fix it on the wall would be different.

  6. Once the adhesive is spread on the surface and the tiles are placed at the correct spot make sure that you fill the gaps with grout, which is basically a thick paste that dries hard. If you are using this ceramic wall tile adhesive for the first time, then you must take the help of a professional or you can also refer to the internet to learn about the correct usage of this material. If you need to make your house look beautiful by tiling the floors and walls then always prefer using a tile adhesive.

  7. For more information visit us on - Thank You!