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Robert Do Elite norcal corporation PowerPoint Presentation
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Robert Do Elite norcal corporation

Robert Do Elite norcal corporation

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Robert Do Elite norcal corporation

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  1. Robert DoElite norcal corporation

  2. A person who acts as an inter mediator between the buyer who wants to buy property and seller who is going to sell the property is known as a real estate broker. Real estate brokers and salespeople helps sellers to sell their property in the market and always tries to sell it at the highest possible price along with the best terms. If someone wants to sell a disputed property then in that estate broker can be very helpful. There are mortgage brokers also who helps to get mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or business.

  3. If you are looking for the best real estate broker and mortgage broker, Robert Do is the right person for you. He is the owner of Elite Reality Services at Sacremento, CA. He works with only one aim and that is to be successful in every business he starts and to operate a profitable business while sustaining incremental growth and profitability.

  4. He is having a good experience in this field. He has been working as a real estate and mortgage broker for last 10 years. Earlier in 2003 he was the owner of the Coldwell Banker Franchise Broker. It was among one of the fastest growing and top offices in Northern California. He was having over 850 licensed agents. Robert Do was working well with his business, but later on in 2007, Robert T Do started his new business as a real estate broker and mortgage broker and his venture name is Real Estate Broker Elite Reality Services and Elite Mortgage.

  5. Robert Do at Elite Real Estate has 160 licensed agents and his company did over 100,000,000 sales volume. His sales volume is increasing every year. He has also introduced training courses for new recruits to speed up the profitability.