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Roblin Funeral Home

Roblin Funeral Home

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Roblin Funeral Home

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  1. Roblin Manitoba Funeral Home At Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home, we believe that while funerals are in honour of someone who has passed away, and a way of marking their passing they are of greater importance to the living. It is possible to respect the wishes of the deceased for simplicity while still providing an option to honour this person and celebrate the life that they lived. When meeting with families we take time to explore all options. “Keeping it simple” need not prevent family and friends from gathering to mark the passing of a loved one.

  2. oblin Manitoba Obituaries Obituary information is good example in knowing the family tree and getting all information about decedent, which is generally difficult to trace out. • Death is inevitable. No one can escape death all have to perish at sometime. Obituary message is related with death. These are the messages written by family members in memory of the death of their loved ones. They are short messages published in newspaper. Obituary message includes biographical information such as age, birthplace, occupation, names of surviving relatives, and place of death.

  3. Roblin Funeral Home There are many options available that range from a “full traditional” funeral with a casket or urn, to a simple social gathering without a casket or urn present. This gathering can occur anywhere from a church or community hall to the family’s farm or a favourite park. Whatever the type of funeral or gathering- there is no denying the importance of gathering with family and friends to celebrate the life of someone we love that is no longer with us.

  4. Crematorium Roblin Some families may opt for cremation, followed by a funeral service. They may or may not choose to have a visitation (viewing) of their loved one prior to the cremation. The urn selected by the family may or may not be present at the service. The service may take place at a church, our chapel or other location.

  5. Roblin Manitoba Funeral Home For inquiries please visit :