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Casket Roblin

Casket Roblin

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Casket Roblin

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  1. COFFINS PARKLAND We display several hanging artificial floral arrangements and casket sprays created by the Floral and Gift Shop in Roblin. For your convenience, our local florists have incorporated their products directly within our web site. Simply make your selection from the obituary section and our site will automatically place your order with our local area florists. When ordering for the funeral or service, there's no need to specify the delivery deadline nor our funeral home address since our system already has this information. Delivery charges to our funeral home are also waived by the florists.

  2. CREMATORIUM ROBLIN Built in 1989, the Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home was designed to be a spacious and modern facility. The design and frequent upgrading and remodelling have achieved this goal. It is decorated in warm and inviting “home-style” colors that are meant to comfort visitors. The building is all on one level and completely wheelchair accessible, including public washroom. There are no ramps or stairs to contend with. Our large parking lot and plenty of adjacent street parking provide ample parking space for Prayer and Funeral services. We've included a number of photographs of our funeral home below. Click on an image to view a large copy, along with its associated description.

  3. FUNERAL HOMES PARKLAND Funerals have changed greatly over the thirty years that we have been serving the Parkland district. There is no longer such a thing as a “standard funeral”. In fact, just like there are no two people alike, there are now no two funerals alike. We pride ourselves on helping families personalize the funeral service to represent the life of the family member they have lost. At Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home, we believe that while funerals are in honour of someone who has passed away, and a way of marking their passing they are of greater importance to the living.

  4. COFFINS PARKLAND It is possible to respect the wishes of the deceased for simplicity while still providing an option to honour this person and celebrate the life that they lived. When meeting with families we take time to explore all options. “Keeping it simple” need not prevent family and friends from gathering to mark the passing of a loved one. There are many options available that range from a “full traditional” funeral with a casket or urn, to a simple social gathering without a casket or urn present. This gathering can occur anywhere from a church or community hall to the family’s farm or a favourite park.

  5. FUNERALS PARKLAND Whatever the type of funeral or gathering- there is no denying the importance of gathering with family and friends to celebrate the life of someone we love that is no longer with us. There is great strength to be gained from family and friends to help us heal. We believe in opening our minds to opportunities to serve. We believe that we can help every family find the option to carry out their loved one’s wishes, while arranging a tribute that can help them start to heal. We have witnessed families trying to abide by the wishes of their loved one prevent themselves from arranging a funeral that would have helped them heal.

  6. CASKET ROBLIN Traditional Funeral with Burial This is the type of service that many picture when they think of a funeral. It is a funeral with a casket, and is usually held in a church or our chapel, followed by an interment service (burial) in a cemetery. There may or may not be a visitation (viewing) of your loved one. Often the funeral involves a religious element including hymns and scripture. The funeral may be personalized in many ways including favorite musical selections. For more information please visit our site: •