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The Education Corps

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The Education Corps. Components of the IDF. An army of the people – compulsory service A strong core of regular forces Reliance on reserve forces in times of emergency. IDF-ARMY OF THE PEOPLE :. * IDF soldiers are enlisted through the obligatory draft law.

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The Education Corps

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Components of the IDF

  • An army of the people – compulsory service
  • A strong core of regular forces
  • Reliance on reserve forces in times of emergency


  • * IDF soldiers are enlisted through the obligatory
  • draft law.
  • * IDF soldiers represent the various populations of the
  • Israeli nation. therefore the IDF is comprised of multipe
  • cultures, Values and political Ideals which relects israeli society.
  • * The IDF effects the character of the Israeli
  • society.

* Ever since it was founded the IDF partakes in national

delegations such as absorption programs, education

and advancement of smaller population and more.


* The IDF performs better when it’s soldiers

have a strong sense of national identity and

understand what it means to be a soldier in the Jewish, Democratic state that is Israel, and the ramifications that entails.

* This sense empowers the soldier's willingness and

improves the order in which a military task is carried


The state of Israel is still undergoing a historical process, the building of a renewing nation. The IDF takes part in this mission, as it is instructed by the state of Israel.


There are currently 30,000

new immigrant soldiers in the IDF

the spirit of the idf7
The Spirit Of The IDF

The Israeli defense force is the army of the state of Israel. Its activities are Subjects To the authority of the democratic civil government of Israel and to its laws. The purpose of the IDF is to preserve the state of Israel , to protect its independence, And the foil attempts by its enemies to disrupt normal life within it.

The soldiers of the IDF are obligated to fight and to devote every effort, even At the risk of their life, to protect the State of Israel , its citizens and residents.

Soldiers of the IDF shall act according to the values of the IDF and its commands, while abiding by the law, upholding human dignity , and respecting the values of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic State.

the spirit of the idf definition and sources
The Spirit of the IDF-Definition and Sources

The Spirit of the IDFdefines the value identity of the IDF. It ought to underlie the activities of every IDF soldier throughout his or her regular or reserve service.

The Spirit of the IDF and the practical rules derived from it are the ethical code of the IDF. The spirit of the IDF shall direct the IDF, its soldiers, commanders, units the corps in the shaping of their activities. According to The spirit of the IDF they shall conduct, educate, and examine themselves and their fellows.

The Spirit of the IDFdraws its inspiration from four sources:

  • The heritage of the IDF and its combat legacy and Israel's army of defense.
  • The heritage of the state of Israel , Its democratic principles, laws , and institutions.
  • The heritage of the Jewish people throughout the ages.
  • Universal moral values based on the value and dignity of all human beings
fundamental values
Fundamental Values

Defense of the state , its Citizens and residents The purpose of the IDF is to protect the existence Of the state of Israel, its independence , and the security of its citizens and residents.

Patriotism and Loyalty to the state service in the IDF is based on patriotism and on commitment and devotion to the State of Israel – a Democratic state which is the national home of the Jewish people and to its citizens and residents.

Human dignity The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to preserve human dignity. All human beings are of inherent value regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, status or role.

the values
The Values

Dedication to Mission and the pursuit of Victory The Soldier shall fight and act courageously in the face of all dangers and obstacles and shall pursue his mission with determination and good judgment, even risking his life when necessary.

Responsibility The soldier shall see himself as an active participant in the defense of the State of Israel , its citizens and residents. His actions shall be characterized by constant involvement, initiative and diligence, demonstrating good judgment and within the scope of his authority, and he shall be ready to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

Reliability The Soldier shall present matters truthfully, fully and accurately , in planning, in execution and in reporting. The soldier shall act so that his comrades and commanders will be able to relay on him in the fulfillment of the missions.

Personal Example The soldier shall conduct himself as required, and shall behave in the manner he expects of others, out of the recognition of his ability and responsibility, both within the army and without, to serve a role-model for others.

the values11
The Values

Human Life The Soldier shall always act with reason and caution , bearing in mind the supreme value of human life. In combat , he will endanger himself and his comrades to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the mission.

Purity of Arms ( Morality in Warfare) The soldier shall make use of his weaponry and power only for the fulfillment of the mission and solely to the extent required ; He will maintain his humanity even in combat. The soldier shall not employ his weaponry and power in order to arm non-combatants or prisoners of war, and shall do all he can to avoid harming their lives , bodies, honor , and property.

Professionalism The soldier shall endeavor to acquire the professional expertise and proficiency required to carry out his role and shall implement them, continuously seeking to improve his own achievements and those of his unit.

Discipline The Soldier shall do his utmost to carry out fully and successfully whatever is required of him, according to the letter and the spirit of the orders. The soldier shall issue only lawful orders and shall not obey those which are manifestly unlawful.

the values12
The Values

Comradeship The soldier shall act out of solidarity and devotion to his fellow soldiers, and shall always come to the assistance when they are in need or depend upon him, despite all danger and hardship, even at the risk of his life.

Vocation The soldier shall see his military service as a vocation ; he shall be willing to contribute all he can to defend the State of Israel, its citizens and residents. The soldier shall consider himself a representative of the IDF, operating on the basis and within the constrains of the authority assigned to him by military orders.

instilling the spirit of the idf
Instilling The Spirit of the IDF
  • Instilling values is an integral part of the responsibility a commander has towards his soldiers and unit.
  • Commander on all levels are the chief conduit for the instilment.
  • The values should become a part of the unit’s life through their combination with the protocols and norms, and no opportunity for cultivating them should be missed – both on the individual and unit levels.
  • The system of education in the IDF serves as a supportive professional system for the commanders in their task of instilling The Spirit of the IDF.
the education corps14
The Education Corps

Our Mission

To encompass the professional authority in the educational command domain and the socio -national domain in assisting the IDF’s commanders in the realization of its goals as the people’s army in the democratic Jewish state.

target populations
Target Populations
  • Pre - enlistment youth
  • Commanders and soldiers in mandatory service
  • Commanders in the Reserves.
preparation for the idf
Preparation for The IDF

Preparation of the general youth for a meaningful and productive service with an emphasis on combat service.

Creating a supportive environment with a meaningful service by:

1) preparing a program for the I.D.F in schools -

Giving relevant information by youth guides

2) a week of Army camp on a “Gadna” base.

Total number of participants:

the next generation
“The Next generation”

Meetings between high ranking IDF officers and high school students to increase motivation for a productive and meaningful service.

Activities Include:


Parental meetings prior to enlistment

underprivileged population advancement
Underprivileged Population Advancement

Population background

low level soldiers

low socio – economic background

had difficulties performing adequately in civilian life, some with criminal records.

The main emphasis in this program is on a structured educational process which includes the following steps:

special training

acquiring an occupation

completion of high school education

nativ course
Nativ” Course"

“Nativ” course for Jewish, Zionist identity allows the opportunity to enrich the knowledge about the culture and heritage of Israel as a mean of optimizing the integration in the military and society. The course offers an opportunity to convert.

To this day 30 courses have been completed.

Over 5000 graduated, 1200 of them converted.

basic and high school education
Basic and high school education


uneducated Israeli born Jews

New immigrants




Completion of 10 years of education

Completion of 12 years of education

High school level math

high school diploma for combat soldiers
High school diploma for combat soldiers

In Israel it is possible (in some cases) for a child to attend school until 12th grade and never receive a diploma.

This program reaches out to combat soldiers who may have missed their opportunity to take the proficiency exam necessary to receive a high school diploma.

The goals:

To give something “back” to the combat soldiers.

To increase the ratio of high school graduators in the nation.

Subjects of study:



Political science

At a rate of 3 times a year, until now this program has completed 19 groups.


Numerical figures

Total tested

cultural education of the i d f
Cultural education of the I.D.F

The goal of “cultural indoctrination” is to boost morale and to maintain the spirit off the soldiers in the I.D.F.



Days dedicated to viewing some of the top private performances the country has to offer.

Group bonding activities

Better citizens

better soldiers

witnesses in uniform
“Witnesses in uniform”

As a part of the preservation of the memory of the holocaust in the IDF, officers from all branches of the military embark on a journey to Poland and visit Jewish communities.

The purpose of this Delegation:

A deeper understanding and learning for the first time the legacy of the holocaust.

This is in order to increase the ability of the commander's ability to educate and lead missions according to the spirit of the I.D.F. by maintaining dignity and spiritual obligation as well as an obligation to the state as a Jewish democracy.

Officer delegates of the I.D.F. take a 5 day trip to visit concentration camps, holocaust memorial sites and Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.

2 days of mental and spiritual preparation before the trip.

Delegates are also joined by holocaust survivors and families who have lost a son or daughter in the I.D.F.

Every year 12 groups of 200 officers. About 2300 people.

i d f media
I.D.F. Media

“The Base” (“Bemachane”) Newspaper, reflects an open forum of soldiers and officers.

For generations now this newspaper has given birth to many of the nation's top journalists.

i d f radio station
I.D.F. Radio Station

For 55 years now the I.D.F radio station has been broadcasting to both soldiers and citizens alike. In keeping current with both international and domestic affairs, modern music, “Galey Tzachal” has a primary focus on the matters of the I.D.F.

Education is the way,

the Human Being is the goal.

( A.D Gordon)