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  1. SPECULUM an on-line magazine on transverasal policies COMENIUS ACTION 1 2005-06

  2. Einaudi Institute presents SPECULUM Project meeting PROJECT SIAULIAI FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 5 2006 Post Event Report

  3. ROMUVOS GIMNAZIJA Speculum –an-on-line magazine for transversal policies- Comenius Azione 1 2005-2006

  4. Speculum-an on-line magazine for transversal policies The Post Event Report When we left Palermo for our trip to Siauliai our reasonable doubt was “ how a group of Sicilians could survive the -17 degrees temperature of Lithuania”. We tried to solve the doubt buying very special clothes suitable for cold temperature and wearing fur hats ( a souvenir someone had taken from Russia but that nobody had never dared use in Sicily). The doubt rose again when a tempest of snow invested us landing in Riga. BUT… any doubt was solved when we met our colleagues in Siauliai: their friendly hospitality, their kindness, their availability made our heart get warmer and warmer so that even walking along the icy coast of the Baltic was like strolling along Mondello Beach in the month of August!

  5. The Partners Escola Secondaria Vitorino Nemésio -Lisbon Portugal Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych-Gorzow Poland Sint Vincentius- Eeklo Belgium Friesland College-Leeuwarden The Netherlands Siauliu “Romuvos” Gimnazija Lithuania Eyuboglu Egitim Kurumlari Turkey Istituto Professionale di Stato “ Luigi Einaudi”-Palermo Italy

  6. Speculum-an on-line magazine for transversal policies Here we are! All together.A nice yellow van is driving us to school.

  7. Another school to visit, new colleagues to meet,

  8. Speculum-an on-line magazine for transversal policies An efficient, skilled principal, rightly proud of his school, was our tour leader inside the school

  9. Luminous classrooms, well equipped gym and library.

  10. Speculum-an on-line magazine for transversal policies At school we could notice again that tradition in Eastern Europe still has a greater place than in the west - where old songs, dances and costumes do not have a place at the schools curricula anymore and successively are long forgotten. The cute little children in their costumes offering us a flower and dancing so nicely at stage were unforgettable.

  11. Virginia, our Lithuanian coordinator organized a wonderful project meeting in the assembly hall.It was successfully managed by students

  12. Stars for a day! The local TV was interested in our project and in our meeting. All the city will learn about our Comenius project.

  13. TEACHERS’ MEETING IN THE READING ROOM After a stimulating and wide discussion the group confirmed the subjects for the 4th magazine , which is ; -The position of the disabled and the disadvantaged in the school and the city. It was also confirmed that the editing of the edition would be done by Poland. Poland summarised 10 different types of activities, which were discussed and positively agreed by the group. All the member countries will produce at least 4 of the 10 proposals.

  14. THE ACTIVITIES • Art works on “Tolerance and Solidarity" format and technique of works is freely). Please, write the name and surname of the student who has done this work. Works should be transferred by traditional mail until the end of April for the address of the school : Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych nr 6, ul. Dunikowskiego 5, 66-400 Gorzow Wlkp., Poland with postscript SPECULUM. Compulsory task ! Every school should send minimum 5 works. • The map of the city (district) with marked places (schools, departments, theatres, cinemas...) adapted for disables persons (green color) and unsuited for these persons (red color). • Presentation of one object in your city without architectural barriers for handicapped persons (few photos and short descriptions). • Photo essay (from 5 to 10 photos)- one day of the disabled person’s life e.g. at school, at work. With photos it is possible to attach short descriptions. • Sport for disabled – presentation of profiles of sportsman (their photos, short descriptions of achievements). • Interview (interviews) with the disabled person who reached some success e. g. in sport, in an artistic discipline, at school, on studies. • The description of school, regional, national actions and projects promote ideas of integrations with disabled persons ( e.g. sports tournaments, competitions, song’s festivals). Charity actions for persons with problems at home. Photos from these parties. • The presentations of profiles of well known people operating in favor of disables persons and persons with problems at home (they are often a well known actors, singers, politician’s wives). • The presentation of domestic national organizations or social organizations that are taking up problems of disables persons and persons with problems at home (organization’s name, logo, what they are doing). • Questionnaire . Compulsory task.

  15. We were received at the local Board of Education.The Department provided us with information and material explaining the Educational system and…

  16. with some little presents we appreciated a lot.

  17. The visit of the town and the suggestive Hill of Crosses opened the unforgettable snowy sightseeing tours the old and the new!

  18. We thought we would die frozen in the deer farm but…

  19. We bravely went on following our splendid friends

  20. To Klaipeda and Palanga

  21. To Trakai and Vilnius

  22. In the project meeting we had the opportunity to know new teachers from other European countries. Teachers meeting teachers..... and 

  23. Students meeting students

  24. Teachers meeting students

  25. That is what European projects are all about; even when they do not speak each others languages there's always a means to communicate... And where youth meets youth there is always coming to being a very special atmosphere...both in the day

  26. ….and in the night

  27. See you in GORZOW The sphere was great in all the meeting and there was not a single dissonant. For us staff and students we can only say: Virginija and staff THANK YOU!