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THAILAND STUDY ABROAD 2005-06 PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. Where we went …. Thailand

  3. KMITNB is a state university named by Asia Week as one of the best in technology. The current president is alumnus from OSU

  4. Kasetsart UniversityThe very first state university to offer post-secondary degree in agriculture Meeting with Vice President of International Affairs & Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Food Science & Technology students Agro-Industry Dean and faculty

  5. Maejo Universityour host institution Diana Jantakad, coordinator of our course, welcomes us with bouquets & leis President Thep hosted the students at a Cowboy restaurant As an OSU Alumnus, President Thep is a huge Cowboy fan. This is his house! Reciprocal Exchange signing with MJU

  6. Maejo Universitythe oldest agricultural institution in Thailand

  7. Maejo University Radio Station

  8. Maejo University Micro-organism up scale pilot plant for agriculture

  9. Maejo University Aerated Static Pile composting system – alternative in recycling wastes

  10. Maejo University Lecture on vegetable technology experiments

  11. Maejo University Fisheries & Aquatic natural resources museum

  12. H.M. The King’s New Theory Project in Sustainable Development In a small piece of land, MJU demonstratesH.M. The King’snew theory that could be implemented by anyone in order to survive amidst all the social and environmental plagues of Thailand

  13. Long-necked Village – Mae Hong Son

  14. Mae Hong Song Chinese Yunnan Village Meat drying Lecture on organic farming & the migration of Chinese on the village Village house

  15. Mae Hong Song Dry goods open market

  16. Orchid Garden Demonstration on the complex process of propagating the orchids Butterfly garden

  17. Water buffalo

  18. Rice Planting, Threshing and Milling Gadgets, Bamboo Irrigation System , Rice threshing & milling tools Rice planting Bamboo irrigation system

  19. Mae Hong Son Thai house made of teak wood with restaurant under the house. Owner sells home made sesame oil & many sesame seed delicacies Sesame seed oil making machine

  20. Plant Nursery

  21. Leah Dillsaver’s pictures of exotic plants & flower of Thailand

  22. Chiang Mai University Thailand’s first regional university has over 40,000 students. Its current president is also an OSU Alumnus.

  23. Visit at a Farmer’s Operation of Longan Fruits Longan, is one of the prized fruits grown in Northern Thailand. It resembles bunches of brown grapes, once peeled longans offer a luscious, tangy, white flesh

  24. Chiang Mai University Research Station Wood vinegar processing for organic pesticides

  25. Elephant… painting playing soccer giving rides putting hat on Becky

  26. Handicrafts Lacquareware – egg decorating Lacquareware – gold leaf decorating Celadon porcelain Umbrella making factory

  27. Temples

  28. Food Presentations

  29. Open Market

  30. Open market

  31. Ferry ride to Surat Thani from Koh Samui

  32. Surat Thani Crab processing plants

  33. Surat Thani Boat ride to mangrove forest & fishing farm

  34. Surat Thani Fishing farm

  35. Mangrove forest Lecture on how mangrove tree grows on water • Seed (looks • like a stem) • Top of • seed detaches • About 5 • inches of seed stays underwater & a new tree will grow. 3. Falls on water

  36. Surat Thani Shrimp Farm

  37. New Years Eve

  38. Host Family Day

  39. Chulalongkorn University With Dr. Kriengkrai Boonolert-U-Thai (OSU alumnus 2005) Gerry Auel visiting with exchange students

  40. Enjoying New Friends