teen alcohol ads l.
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Teen Alcohol Ads

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Teen Alcohol Ads. What Can We Learn? By James Musgrave. Confidence and Alcohol. How does confidence and sex equate? Who becomes confident ingesting alcohol? Do young people believe this?. Special Women Deserve Vodka?. Alcohol ingestion equals “brilliance”?

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teen alcohol ads

Teen Alcohol Ads

What Can We Learn?


James Musgrave

confidence and alcohol
Confidence and Alcohol
  • How does confidence and sex equate?
  • Who becomes confident ingesting alcohol?
  • Do young people believe this?
special women deserve vodka
Special Women Deserve Vodka?
  • Alcohol ingestion equals “brilliance”?
  • Look where the bottle and glass are!
  • Brilliant and “breasts” appeal to loins.
  • Teens driven by sex?
paper folding for kids
Paper-folding for Kids?
  • Flavored vodka tastes great!
  • Frogs do what? I’m a little green frog sitting in the vodka.
  • Paper airplanes, school daze, games.
alcohol makes you distinct or distant
Alcohol Makes You Distinct or Distant?
  • Playboy readers are what age group?
  • Sex and alcohol images.
  • What does “distinction” really mean?
kid games go great with beer
Kid games go great with beer!
  • Who plays video games most?
  • Alcohol and hand-eye coordination?
  • Who are biggest beer drinkers?
  • Game time means booze time!
martini equals adult sex
Martini equals adult sex?
  • Bottle looks like toy or magical genie bottle?
  • Look where the bottle is!
  • I want to be sophisticated, French, and sexy!
who listens to heavy metal
Who listens to heavy metal?
  • Taste? How does taste get you “there”?
  • Heavy metal play on words?
  • Cartoon characters on the bottle?
  • Beach goers delight?
vegetarian belly licker
Vegetarian Belly-licker?
  • And college students are what age?
  • Who thinks in “either-or” dichotomy?
  • Teens play sex games?
  • College vegetarians.
is this adult comfort
Is This Adult Comfort?
  • Who gets comfortable having sex over an adult?
  • Find “your own” appeals to teens. Why?
  • Sweet whiskey? For whom?
playing pirate with the booze ship
Playing Pirate With the Booze Ship
  • Who draws on photos in yearbooks?
  • Cartoons and kids.
  • I want to grow up and have sex with many women!
  • Who stays home and drinks?
the drinking religion
The Drinking Religion
  • Guitars, booze and rock and roll.
  • What was George Thorogood’s song?
  • “Religion” of the young?
  • Again, teen dichotomous logic.