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Rock Structures. Mt. St. Helens, October 2004. Igneous Structures: Plutons, Volcanoes, & Lava Flows (Oh, My!). Plutons. Name this Igneous Feature…. Igneous Dike. Plutonic Structures. Xenoliths. Source: William E. Ferguson. Why do we find Plutons at the Surface?. Uplift & Erosion.

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Rock structures l.jpg

Rock Structures

Mt. St. Helens, October 2004

Igneous structures plutons volcanoes lava flows oh my l.jpg
Igneous Structures:Plutons, Volcanoes, & Lava Flows (Oh, My!)

Plutonic structures l.jpg
Plutonic Structures


Source:William E. Ferguson

Why do we find plutons at the surface l.jpg
Why do we find Plutons at the Surface?

Uplift & Erosion

Sierra Nevada Mountains Batholith, California

Volcanic structures l.jpg
Volcanic Structures




Mafic eruptions passive lava flows l.jpg
Mafic Eruptions:Passive Lava Flows

Felsic eruptions explosive ash and thick lava flows l.jpg
Felsic Eruptions:Explosive Ash and Thick Lava Flows

Ash flow caldera crater lake oregon l.jpg
Ash-Flow Caldera:Crater Lake, Oregon

Stratafication l.jpg

Bedding (1-300 cm)


Laminations (<1 cm)

Massive Strata (>300 cm)

Inter bed structures within strata l.jpg
Inter-Bed Structures(within strata)

  • Graded Beds

  • Cross Beds

  • Dropstones

Outcrop of turbidites, Carboniferous, northwestern China.

Graded beds death valley ca l.jpg
Graded BedsDeath Valley, CA

Cross beds zion national park ut l.jpg
Cross BedsZion National Park, UT

Dropstones l.jpg


Intra bed structures on the surface of strata l.jpg
Intra-Bed Structures(on the surface of strata)

  • Ripple Marks

  • Mudcracks

  • Raindrop Impressions

Mudcracks glacier national park mt l.jpg
MudcracksGlacier National Park, MT

Trace fossils l.jpg
Trace Fossils


Miocene Mammal (WA)

Worm Burrows: Middle Silurian, Grimsby Formation, Hamilton, Ontario