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Reece . . .

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  1. Reece. . . LIBR 500 The Mystery Revealed

  2. These are things I like Exploring places I am not supposed to go Art made of junk Collage square dancing

  3. School • it takes up most of my time these days • (usually I don’t mind too much) • occasionally I do mind too much • some day I will be a librarian, though

  4. There is more to my life than school. . . • I have had other accomplishments as well • One year, I placed as a runner up for ‘Mullet King’ in an Edmonton weekly. • That same year I won ‘Sexiest Activist’ in the other Edmonton weekly. Oh yeah!

  5. I was in a band for a while. . .

  6. The band was great at first, but we started having punk shows at my old house, instead of at community halls, and things often got a little rowdy. We did manage to release a CD/tape, and played lots of shows. This is my old house, but not my band. I have no idea what band that was.

  7. I have lived in a number of pretty unusual houses, but the R.A.T. house, where we had shows, was the most notorious.

  8. I covered our front steps in robot stencils, cut from old cardboard. I’m crafty that way. There were robots inside the house too, but I don’t have pictures of them.

  9. Inside the R.A.T. house

  10. Other houses I have lived in include the L.A.R.D. house and The Institute for Punk Rock Music/ the B.A.D. house. I have had approximately 20-23 roommates, not counting family members or people who I lived with for less than a month. Despite that, I would insist that it has nothing to do with me, heh heh. The apartment I share right now with my roommate and his dog is the “nicest” place I have rented, though it’s certainly not the largest.

  11. My house now

  12. More things I like include baking and crafts. Sometimes my baking resembles a craft project. Introducing: Sharkatron mint chocolate cake (my first “shaped” cake).

  13. Through my online journal, I keep in touch with people that are far away, and also get to hear the gory details from people in the city who wouldn’t confide in me otherwise. I’ve had a blog for around 5 years now. oh LJ, how i love you

  14. (This space reserved for the curly moustache man) you Lastly, here are some of my favourite people. . . there are other favourites, but I don’t have access to their pictures. Photos courtesy of LiveJournal and Friendster (mostly).

  15. the end