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Reece . . . LIBR 500. The Mystery Revealed. These are things I like. Exploring places I am not supposed to go. Art made of junk. Collage. square dancing. School. it takes up most of my time these days (usually I don’t mind too much)

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Reece. . . LIBR 500

The Mystery Revealed

these are things i like
These are things I like

Exploring places I am not supposed to go

Art made of junk


square dancing

  • it takes up most of my time these days
    • (usually I don’t mind too much)
      • occasionally I do mind too much
  • some day I will be a librarian, though
there is more to my life than school
There is more to my life than school. . .
  • I have had other accomplishments as well
    • One year, I placed as a runner up for ‘Mullet King’ in an Edmonton weekly.
    • That same year I won ‘Sexiest Activist’ in the other Edmonton weekly. Oh yeah!
The band was great at first, but we started having punk shows at my old house, instead of at community halls, and things often got a little rowdy.

We did manage to release a CD/tape, and played lots of shows.

This is my old house, but not my band. I have no idea what band that was.


I have lived in a number of pretty unusual houses, but the R.A.T. house, where we had shows, was the most notorious.


I covered our front steps in robot stencils, cut from old cardboard. I’m crafty that way.

There were robots inside the house too, but I don’t have pictures of them.


Other houses I have lived in include the L.A.R.D. house and The Institute for Punk Rock Music/ the B.A.D. house.

I have had approximately 20-23 roommates, not counting family members or people who I lived with for less than a month. Despite that, I would insist that it has nothing to do with me, heh heh.

The apartment I share right now with my roommate and his dog is the “nicest” place I have rented, though it’s certainly not the largest.


More things I like include baking and crafts.

Sometimes my baking resembles a craft project.

Introducing: Sharkatron mint chocolate cake (my first “shaped” cake).


Through my online journal, I keep in touch with people that are far away, and also get to hear the gory details from people in the city who wouldn’t confide in me otherwise. I’ve had a blog for around 5 years now.

oh LJ, how i love you


(This space reserved for the curly moustache man)


Lastly, here are some of my favourite people. . . there are other favourites, but I don’t have access to their pictures.

Photos courtesy of LiveJournal and Friendster (mostly).