the great crystal creation l.
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“The Great Crystal Creation”

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“The Great Crystal Creation” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Great Crystal Creation” . Team Leader: Kendra Mallory Team Members: Janice Scott, Zarina Qadir, Dwayne Fields, Theresa Hopkins, Valerie Hardy .

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the great crystal creation

“The Great Crystal Creation”

Team Leader: Kendra Mallory

Team Members: Janice Scott, Zarina Qadir, Dwayne Fields, Theresa Hopkins, Valerie Hardy

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant No. EEC-0502174. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

friday feedback session
Friday Feedback Session
  • 40 minutes for feedback on each module
    • 15 minutes for first team
    • 15 minutes for second team
    • 10 minutes for discussion
  • Each team presentation should contain roughly 7-10 PowerPoint slides
  • Focus on engineering activities, inquiry activities, ethics
  • Consider use of module concepts in three groups: elementary, junior high, high school
  • Review existing module
    • Present ideas to enhance module for target audience,
    • Consider content engineering activities, inquiry activities, ethics
    • What else would you add, if anything?
  • Propose adaptation to other grade levels
    • Present ideas to modify for the two other target audiences (e.g., if developed for HS, then suggest modifications for elementary and Jr. HS.)
    • Consider content engineering activities, inquiry activities, ethics
module enhancements
Module Enhancements
  • Research
    • Use of crystals in everyday life
    • Types of crystals, location, cost etc.
  • Adapt vocabulary per grade level and across the curriculum
  • Creative writing
    • Create and describe crystals and write about their special powers (properties)
    • Write a persuasive commercial to advertise crystal product
  • Multicultural use of crystals
engineering design
Engineering Design
  • Elementary
    • Design 2-dimensional snow flake
    • Create various types of crystals (Epsom salt, Kosher salt, Alum etc.)
  • High School
    • Design 3-dimensional snow flake crystals
    • Design crystal jewelry
    • Create a crystal painting
scientific inquiry
Scientific Inquiry
  • Elementary
    • Discover the density of various crystals/minerals via liquid displacement
  • High School
    • Discover what effects the density of crystals/minerals
  • Value of Crystals
    • Mining crystals effect on the environment and people (child labor laws, lost of life and limbs etc.)
  • Multicultural value of crystals
    • Healing power of crystals
    • Aesthetic value
    • Industrial use
modification 1
Modification 1

Age Group: K-6

  • Engineering Design
    • Design jewelry from crystals given
  • Scientific Inquiry
    • Why would you use crystals for jewelry making?
    • How would you construct a design pattern from crystals for jewelry making?
  • Ethics
    • Is it fair to copy someone else’s jewelry design? Why?
modification 2
Modification 2

Age Group: 9-12

  • Engineering Design
    • Construct crystals from chemicals for jewelry design
  • Scientific Inquiry
    • How do chemicals affect the formation of crystals?
    • How can you identify authentic crystals from synthetic crystals?
  • Ethics
    • Is it ethical to sell synthetic crystals as authentic crystals?

Snow Flakes


Density and crystals


Jewelry Making


Crystal and Mineral Gallery