Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC)
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Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC) الإئتلاف العربي لأسماء الإنترنت. Presented By: Zakaria Amar AINC Vice-Chair. AINC Founding Members. Arab ccTLDs: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Technology Providers:

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Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC)

الإئتلاف العربي لأسماء الإنترنت

Presented By: Zakaria Amar AINC Vice-Chair

Ainc founding members l.jpg
AINC Founding Members

  • Arab ccTLDs: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

  • Technology Providers:,, Neteka, RealNames, Verisign and

  • IT Consultants:Millennium Inc.,,, Alfoursan International, and Dubai Internet City

  • Individual Members from world wide Arabic Speaking individuals, Universities and other establishments.

Ainc committees l.jpg
AINC Committees

Linguistic Committee

ccTLD Committee

ABLINC Committee

Membership Committee

Technical Committee

Policies Committee

Arab Government Relations Committee

Events Committee

International Relations Committee

Financial, Administrative &Legal Committee

Ainc mission l.jpg
AINC Mission

The Arabic Internet Names Consortium AINC teaches, communicates, innovates, generates wealth, governs, does business, rule-makes and progresses in all walks of life through the use of digital technology. It is an entity that has a digital nervous system, which provides the unlimited knowledge management resources for further progress and knowledge creation.

Major current agenda items l.jpg
Major Current Agenda Items

  • Arabic Based Languages(Arabic, Farsi, Urdu..)


  • STANDARD gTLDs / ccTLDs equivalence


Consumer rights l.jpg

Continued - Major Current Agenda Items

Consumer Rights

Who owns the Registered Domain Name?

Intellectual Property Enforcement? ccTLD model

Market Confusion caused by misleading information & models.

Dispute Policy Regulations.

Anti Cyber Squatting Regulations.

Solution is ?

Our gtlds choices l.jpg
Our gTLDs Choices

Majority Choices:

.name .info .tv .org .net .com

شركة .شبكة .منظمة .اعلام .معرفة .شخص.

الشرق-الاوسط.اعلام الأسماء-العربية.شبكة


موقع.أبواب.معرفة إسلام.معرفة طبيب.شخص

الخطوط-السعودية.شركة بريد.نسيج.شبكة

خدمات.مكتوب.شركة السياحة.العربية.شبكة

Other Alternative Choice:

ش .ك .م .

.org .net .com

Our cctlds choices l.jpg
Our ccTLDs Choices

A) .eg

م ص . م-ص.مص.

B-1) مصر.


  • Postal Code ( 2 Characters)

  • الرمز البريدي العالمي


الأردن. المغرب.

.Jordan .Morroco

  • Full Name ( ? Characters )

  • اسم القطر بالكامل

  • Include the “ AL ا ل “ or not?

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How could AINC achieve its goals?

  • We need the support of ICANN, IETF, WIPO and Arab institutions such as the Arab League and the ITU regional office for Arab countries, etc.

  • We need consumers to voice themselves and let us know their feedback

  • We need trademark holders to present their perspective

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  • We have to recognize that the Internet is a global medium

  • We have to recognize the cultural and linguistic differences when looking for a solution. The involvement of local communities is very important

  • When examining solutions we have to pay more attention to the long-term solution

  • Cooperation with MINC, ICANN, IETF, ITU & WIPO is very important to the legitimacy of AINC

  • Institutionalizing our activities is very encouraging for the industry and for the Arabic Internet user

  • Standards that we come up with need to be compliant with the current Internet infrastructure. We don’t need to have an Arabic Intranet. We need to be part of the global community

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Q & Aأسئلة واجوبة


  • Please visit our site at:


Upcoming meetings l.jpg
Upcoming meetings

1) SASNET 2002, March 20 -22 hosted by:

The Government of Mauritania

2)Tunisia meeting April 15-18, 2002 Annual AINC meeting/ Seminar to be hosted by: The Government of Tunisia, Tunisia Internet Agency & Alfoursan International

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شكرا لكم