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Picture This

Picture This

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Picture This

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  1. Picture This Collection #10 Karen Powell Beatty Elementary School GATE Specialist

  2. The pictures featured in this PowerPoint are from the CCSD “Picture This” InterAct conference folder. • The mystery photos reveal different perspectives of one object or place. • There are five objects or places featured in this collection. • Also included are websites for more information about the subjects featured in the photos.

  3. Picture #1 Clue #1

  4. Picture #1 Clue #2

  5. Picture #1 Clue #3

  6. Picture #2 Clue #1

  7. Picture #2 Clue #2

  8. Picture #2 Clue #3

  9. Picture #3 Clue #1

  10. Picture #3 Clue #2

  11. Picture #3 Clue #3

  12. Picture #4 Clue #1

  13. Picture #4 Clue #2

  14. Picture #4 Clue #3

  15. Picture #5 Clue #1

  16. Picture #5 Clue #2

  17. Picture #5 Clue #3

  18. Solutions Collection #10

  19. Picture #1 car wash a view of the large brushes a partial view of the dryer a view of the stop-dry-go light

  20. Picture #2 Hidden Runway Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas, NV a view of the lights a view of the runway with models a partial view of the runway, models and spectators

  21. Picture #3 a close up view of the bottom cup container a close up view of the straw top a close up view of the chocolate shake covered straw milk shake

  22. Picture #4 a checker board or game board a close up view of the corner frame a close up view of the top edge a close up view of the inlaid squares

  23. Picture #5 pretzel a close up view of the crisp biscuit with encrusted salt a close up view of the biscuit at an angle a close up view of the biscuit and salt

  24. Web Sites Collection #10

  25. Car Wash • Learn2 Wash a Car You guessed it! Find instructions for washing a car online! All of the steps and necessities are listed. Have some fun and take care of a car!

  26. Runway • Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas "At the edge of fashion in the heart of Las Vegas". A great way to describe Fashion Show shopping center. Find out about events and locations at the Fashion Show, Las Vegas. • Barbie Fashion Show Have some fun with fashion on a computer. Learn about a creative game that features a runway, models and several choices to make.

  27. Milk Shakes • Easy Milk Shake Recipes Time to make some great milk shakes. The recipes at this website are for kids and adults. The best thing is they are quick and easy! • Mister Rogers' Recipes Do you like to make milk shakes? Check out this great milkshake recipe from Mister Rogers' kitchen.

  28. Checkers • Play Checkers Around The Campfire - Have fun playing checkers with an on-line checkers game! Your opponent is Rainforest Jack. Try to beat him at a game of checkers! • The American Checker Federation There are many checker clubs associated with the American Checker Club. See how beginners and the master checker players get set up to play checkers! Check out the twelve standard positions of the checker game and be on the way to winning great checker games!

  29. Pretzels • Alphabet Pretzels All that you will need and what you have to do for fun pretzels can be found here! Shape the best letters with a tried and tested pretzel recipe. • The History of the Pretzel Auntie Anne's fact sheet about the history of the pretzel is great!