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MKTG. 5. CHAPTER. Consumer Decision Making. consumers make purchase decisions. Consumer behavior. = HOW. consumers use and dispose of product. Understanding Consumer Behavior. Importance of Consumer Behavior. Why study consumer behavior?

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Decision Making

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consumers make purchase decisions

Consumer behavior


consumers use anddispose of product

Understanding Consumer Behavior

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Importance of Consumer Behavior

  • Why study consumer behavior?

    • Complex: personality is a poor predictor of purchasing.

    • Purchasing agent is variable (no longer wife, husband, etc…)

    • May have + attitude

      without intent to buy

      (I like Jennifer Anniston

      v.s. I plan to see Anniston’s

      new movie; Mercedes)

    • Routine or involved


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Time (convenience stores a good value vs grocery?)

3. Atmospherics (how stores makes you feel)

What are some of the other things that makes you purchase a particular product?

2. Reason for purchase (gift vs personal use; restaurant choice)

An Involved Choice?

  • Previous experience, interest, risk, social visibility and purchase situation

  • Purchase situation includes:

Consumer decision making process l.jpg

Need Recognition


Information Search


Cultural, Social, Individual and

Psychological Factors affect all steps


of Alternatives

(evoked set)




(satisfaction, cognitive dissonance)

Consumer Decision-Making Process

Cognitive dissonance l.jpg
Cognitive Dissonance


  • Buyer’s remorse

  • Ex: Neiman Marcus, United Airlines, and what else??

Other influences l.jpg
Other Influences

  • Social factors (reference groups,

    opinion leaders, family)

  • Cultural factors (values,

    subcultures, class)

  • Individual factors

    (demographics, psychographics)

  • Psychological factors (perception, motivation, learning, and beliefs)

Social factors l.jpg
Social Factors

Reference groups

  • Those you look to for guidance. What are some reference groups that you can think of??

  • Marketers: opinion leaders, influence others, usually type of product

  • Most influential for visible products (car vs mattress – function)

Cultural influences l.jpg
Cultural Influences

  • Subcultures and values

  • Social Class is defined as people with the same status in a society.

  • It is NOT simply a function of income

    • Factors U.S.: usually measured

      • Occupation

      • Education

      • Housing

    • U.S. is fluid (change)

    • People over rank themselves

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Individual Influences

  • Demographic change

  • Change in lifestyles and attitudes

Betty Crocker pictures change as consumer attitudes and lifestyles also change.

Oil of olay ads l.jpg
Oil of Olay Ads



People did not see the positive association between oil and beauty. As such, the second logo for Olay was changed and oil was taken out.

Psychological influences l.jpg
Psychological Influences


  • Gathering & interpreting of information from the world around us.

  • The process involves:

    • Selective exposure

      • Seek what interests us, ignore others

      • Ex: political information and what else??

    • Selective distortion

      • Screen/modify ideas we disagree with

      • Ex: power of suggestion, Bugs Bunny, and what else??

    • Selective retention

      • Remember what you want

      • Ex: forget homework, photo memory

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A method of classifying human needs and motivations into five categories in ascending order of importance.


Maslow’s Hierarchy

of Needs

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Exhibit 5 five categories in ascending order of importance..5

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Safety ad appeal l.jpg
Safety Ad Appeal five categories in ascending order of importance.

Xbox 360 address what needs l.jpg
XBOX 360: Address what “needs?” five categories in ascending order of importance.

Summary l.jpg
Summary five categories in ascending order of importance.

  • Why study consumer behavior?

  • Involvement factors

    • Social, cultural, individual, psychological

  • Hierarchy of needs

  • Any questions?