fun with apples l.
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Fun With Apples

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Fun With Apples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fun With Apples. A First Grade Unit. Apple Song. Have You Ever Seen An Apple (tune: Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?)

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fun with apples

Fun With Apples

A First Grade Unit

apple song
Apple Song
  • Have You Ever Seen An Apple(tune: Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?)
  • Have you ever seen an apple,an apple, an apple.Have you ever seen an apple,that grows on a tree?A red one, a yellow one,a green one, a golden one.Have you ever seen an apple,that grows on a tree?
how apples grow
How Apples Grow
  • Sequence 4 seasonal pictures:
    • Fall – harvest time
    • Winter – dormant
    • Spring – blossoms
    • Summer - growth
johnny appleseed
Johnny Appleseed
  • John Chapman
  • Planted seeds for apple trees in the unsettled West.
  • Wore pot on his head
  • No shoes
  • Loved apples
graph write
Graph & Write
  • Create a class graph about favorite apples
  • Make a matix telling how the different apples look, feel , taste, smell, and sound.
  • Write about your apple.
apple recipes
Apple Recipes
  • Applesauce
  • Apple juice
  • Apple butter
  • Apple bread6
  • Apple pie
  • Apple cake
  • Apple/fruit salad
  • Apples w/ Peanut butter
  • Much more
apple finger play
 Eat an apple Save the core Plant the seeds And grow some more.


If I had two applesWhat would I do?I’d keep one for meAnd give the other one to you.


Here I have five apples. And here are five again. How many apples altogether? Why, five and five make ten!

How many applesDo you see?Can you count them?1, 2, 3.

How many green ones?How many red?Now eat an appleAnd go to bed!

Apple Finger Play