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Ecologix Air Handlers

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Ecologix Air Handlers. Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc. 221 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge Ont. Air Handling Systems Installations. Installation Locations. Above vs. beside W.H. Floor Ceiling Closet Utility space Crawl space Attic. Small D tm – “High Velocity”. HIGH VELOCITY

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Ecologix Air Handlers

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ecologix air handlers

Ecologix Air Handlers

Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc.

221 Holiday Inn Drive

Cambridge Ont.

installation locations
Installation Locations
  • Above vs. beside W.H.
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Closet
  • Utility space
  • Crawl space
  • Attic
small d tm high velocity
Small Dtm – “High Velocity”
    • Sales term used by SpacePak and others.
    • HiV trade name for ESP.
    • More accurate terms: Higher Pressure or Small Diameter duct system.
    • Ecologix trade name is Small-Dtm for small diameter duct
    • Vertical town homes.
    • Custom homes w/in-floor
    • Multiple suites or fire breaks.
small d tm multi level town homes
Small Dtm:Multi-Level Town Homes
  • Q:Why use Silent Duct in tall buildings?
  • A:Stack effect- hot air rises to top floors.
    • In Winter, less heating air is needed on top floors and more heating air needed on lower floors
    • In Summer, more cooling air needed on top floors and less on lower floors
small d tm systems
Small Dtm systems
  • Higher pressure – drives air to far branches. No problem getting air four floors away
  • Multiple small mains – easy to rebalance from summer to winter. Dramatically reduces homeowner complaints and call backs for builder
small d tm q a
Small Dtm Q & A
  • Is Small Dtm High Velocity?
    • NO technical definition exists for High Velocity. ASHRAE mentions medium and high pressure, but no standard provides a definition to work from.
  • Does Small Dtm meet the building code?
    • YES… BUT…SD operates at a pressure above the range recognized by residential HRAI sizing practices. Just like SpacePak, ESP(Tempmiser) and Unico, the system needs to be an Engineered design. Follow installation instructions!
small d tm q a9
Small Dtm Q & A
  • Isn’t high pressure/ High Velocity duct work wasteful of energy?
    • YES! Pumping air up to 2” of static pressure just to distribute air IS wasteful. That is why:
      • SD operates at 1” maximum pressure
      • Eco-duct modulates to lower fan speeds for most of the year. The duct only sees high pressure on the coldest days of the year, when the full capacity of the system is needed. (NO other high pressure duct system does this.)
small d tm q a10
Small Dtm Q & A
  • Can an Ecologix air handler be connected to existing 2” branches?
    • YES! However, the factory engineers must verify the duct design
    • Usually requires eco-duct with EC motor
    • May require motor up-size
    • May require supply mains up-size in basement
why choose ecologix installers perspective
Why Choose Ecologix? Installers’ Perspective
  • Installation Ease = lower overall cost
    • Includes pump, check valve, for complete installation.
    • Multi position fan box / multi-location RA
  • Fewer customer issues = less hassle time on site
    • Quieter – always on lowest possible speed (eco-duct)
    • Warmer air – improved homeowner comfort
    • Maximized domestic water capacity
  • Conventional duct components = lower cost
why choose ecologix customer perspective
Why Choose Ecologix?Customer Perspective
  • Very Quiet
    • No nozzle hiss
    • Eco-duct runs at 50% speed most of the heating season
  • More Decorative Design Options
    • Any available 4x10 grille can be used or changed later when rooms are redecorated
  • Full Cooling Capacity
    • Freeze stats lock out air conditioning when it is needed the most