eap japan fall year 2011 programs l.
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EAP Japan Fall, Year 2011 Programs

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EAP Japan Fall, Year 2011 Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EAP Japan Fall, Year 2011 Programs. Benefits of EAP. You will still be a UC student EAP courses will transfer back as UC units Your EAP grades will be calculated into your GPA Earn major, minor, GE credits Financial aid applies and you may apply for study abroad scholarships

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EAP Japan Fall, Year 2011 Programs

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benefits of eap
Benefits of EAP
  • You will still be a UC student
  • EAP courses will transfer back as UC units
  • Your EAP grades will be calculated into your GPA
  • Earn major, minor, GE credits
  • Financial aid applies and you may apply for study abroad scholarships
  • EAP Study Center in Tokyo and at Meiji Gakuin
  • EAP Orientation upon arrival!
program options
Program Options
  • Tsuru University, Language & Culture
  • *Doshisha University, Language & Culture
  • *International Christian University, Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • *Meiji Gakuin University, Global and International Studies
  • *Tohoku University, Engineering & Science in English
  • *Osaka University, Lab Research, Engineering & Science
  • Immersion Program
    • Courses in English / Japanese
    • Language requirement will vary by host university
    • Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
    • *International Christian University
    • Keio University
    • Osaka University
    • Tohoku University
    • University of Tokyo
    • *University of Tsukuba (Fall only)
    • Waseda University

* There is no Japanese language pre-requisite for these programs

where are the universities located
Where are the universities located?


  • Tokyo
    • Keio-central Tokyo
    • Waseda – central Tokyo
    • Hitotsubashi – suburb of Tokyo of Kunitachi
    • ICU-western suburb of Tokyo

Tsukuba-close to Tokyo

Meiji Gakuin (Yokohama)

Tsuru (by Mount Fuji)

Doshisha (Kyoto)

Osaka Univ

immersion program
Immersion Program
  • Language Requirements
    • No Japanese language required
      • Int’l Christian Univ (ICU)
      • University of Tsukuba
    • 3 quarters / 1 year of Japanese required
      • Keio University
      • Waseda University
    • 9 quarters / 3 years of Japanese required
      • University of Tokyo
      • Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
      • Osaka University
      • Tohoku University
  • Duration: Summer ILP required for all immersion universities
  • Soph + standing required
  • GPA Requirement @ time of application
    • 3.0 Language
    • 3.0 Cumulative
    • Must maintain GPA through departure
  • Apply in Nov.
  • Which school can I go to?
    • List 2 universities on your application --UC Study Center in Tokyo will decide
    • You should find out which school you will go to in Jan
immersion program6
Immersion Program
  • Academics (coursework in English/Japanese)
    • Units required varies by university
    • Required language courses taught in Japanese
    • Elective courses taught in English/Japanese: number & subjects offered in English will vary by school
    • Keio offers approx. 90 courses in English mostly in the social sciences (Int’l Studies)
    • Waseda – courses in English through the International Liberal Studies program
    • ICU/Tsukuba: if no lang background, learn Japanese during the ILP & continue into the year
  • What types of courses could I take?
    • MyEAP course catalog
    • Host university website – be sure to understand which courses will be taught in English and/or Japanese
  • Housing- depends on the univ; on/off campus; live with international students, Japanese students, or other UC students.
language culture programs
Language & Culture Programs
  • Tsuru University, Fall
    • 3 quarters / 1 year of Japanese required
    • 3.0 GPA required & Soph + standing
    • Housing: single university apartments
    • Academics (fall: 26 units, spring 30 units)
      • Two intensive language courses (5 quarter units each)
      • Three additional language courses (2 or 2.5 quarter units each)
      • Three core courses in Japanese studies (2 or 2.5 quarter units each)
      • Two electives (2 or 2.5 quarter units each)
  • Doshisha University, Spring Only (spring start -begins late March)
    • No Japanese language requirement
    • Learn Japanese at the elementary level
    • 3.0 GPA required & Soph + standing
    • Housing-off campus in EAP-arranged student residences
    • Academics
      • 15 units : Japanese language courses
      • 6 units : 2 elective Asian studies courses taught in English
international christian university contemporary japanese culture
International Christian University, Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • Fall term only
  • Program focus: Japan today and the recent evolution of its society and culture
  • Academics (16 units)
    • Core course taught in English : Contemporary Japan from Ramuné to Anime
      • historical survey of post-1945 Japanese pop culture, including genres as anime and manga, and intensive fieldwork in the urban culture of today’s Tokyo
      • It examines recent Japanese media culture in terms of Japan’s place in a globalizing world and issues specific to modern Japan
    • 2 elective courses from a set list of classes OR 1 intensive language course
    • Classes with UC, international, and Japanese students
  • Geared towards students in the humanities / social sciences
  • GPA: 3.0 required & Soph + standing
  • Language : none required
  • Housing: on campus in EAP-arranged, furnished apartments or dorms
meiji gakuin global studies
Meiji Gakuin, Global Studies
  • Fall or Spring start semester only (begins Spring quarter)
  • Program is for social science majors only
  • Program focus: Japanese perspectives on global studies, international relations, economic development, international security and conflict resolution, and politics and society in Asia.
  • Academics (21 units)
    • Coursework in English
    • Required core class: Seminar in Global Security & Development (3 units)
    • Electives (18 units) : selected from a set list of classes
    • Classes with UC, international and a few Japanese students
  • 3.0 GPA required, no language requirement
  • Soph+ standing required
  • Housing: single occupancy dorms within walking distance to the univ.
  • Program may be impacted!
tohoku university engineering science in english
Tohoku UniversityEngineering & Science in English
  • Fall, Spring start semester (begins Spring qtr), Year, and ILP + Year options
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Lang requirement: 3 qtrs of Japanese only for the ILP + Year option
  • JR + standing for Fall; Soph + standing for Spring
  • Housing- International House, a popular off-campus dormitory for foreign students.
  • Academics (ILP: 3 to 12 UC quarter units; Term: 21 UC quarter units per semester (18 if you attend the ILP)
    • Junior Year Program in English (JYPE)
      • Individual research project, submit your results in English
      • Must submit a research proposal with your EAP application – you will then be matched as closely as possible with a professor at Tohoku who has similar interests
      • Participate in research groups focusing on your topic of study
      • Regular course work in English: science, engineering & Japanese language and culture courses.
      • Check the JYPE site for a list of courses that could be offered
        • Course offerings tend to be similar each year
      • Students attend classes with Japanese and international students
osaka university lab research in engineering science
Osaka UniversityLab Research in Engineering & Science
  • Fall (late Sept- mid Feb) or Spring (early April – early Aug)
  • 3.0 GPA required & JR+ standing; No language pre-requisite
  • Engineering/Science majors only; must have completed engineering &/or science foundation courses
  • Housing- dormitories organized by the university (either on or off campus)
  • Academics (21 units) – Osaka Frontier Lab
    • Language of instruction: English/Japanese
    • Attend labs with Japanese and international students
    • You will be assigned to a particular research group in one of Osaka University's science and technology fields.
    • Conduct thematic studies under the close supervision of faculty through experiments, peer consultation, group work, and interactive discussions.
    • Study with top scientists within the schools of Science, Engineering Science, and Engineering, in areas such nanotechnology & molecular science, life science and biotech, systems and robotics, computing and info science, etc
    • Japanese language course available
application process
Application Process
  • Complete the pre-application online- www.eap.ucsb.edu
  • You will then receive the online application website address
  • Submit the EAP application on the due date
  • Due dates
    • Immersion Program- Nov. _______, 2010
    • Tohoku Engineering & Science – Nov. __________, 2010
    • Other Fall/Year programs – Jan. ________, 2011
let s hear from the returnees
Let’s hear from the returnees

Returnees that might help at the info mtg????