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Common Insects. Agriculture Career Development: Plant Science & Agronomy Unit 2 – Agronomy. Damage Classification: None or Predatory. Assassin Bug. Green Lacewing. Honeybee. Lady Beetle Larva. Damage Classification: Destruction of fruit or flower. Boll Weevil. Corn Ear Worm Larva.

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Common insects l.jpg

Common Insects

Agriculture Career Development: Plant Science & Agronomy

Unit 2 – Agronomy

Damage classification none or predatory l.jpg
Damage Classification:None or Predatory

Damage classification destruction of fruit or flower l.jpg
Damage Classification:Destruction of fruit or flower

Damage classification destruction of vegetative parts l.jpg
Damage Classification:Destruction of vegetative parts

Spotted cucumber beetle southern corn rootworm beetle l.jpg
Spotted Cucumber Beetle/Southern Corn Rootworm Beetle

Tobacco hornworm larva tomato hornworm larva l.jpg
Tobacco Hornworm LarvaTomato Hornworm Larva

Damage classification destruction by removal of plant fluids l.jpg
Damage Classification:Destruction by removal of plant fluids

Common insects credits l.jpg
Common Insects - Credits

European Corn Borer Larva - Photo by Keith Weller

Japanese Beetle

Leaf Skeletonizer

Flea Beetle

Cricket Grasshopper Stinkbug 2007Jupiterimages Corporation

Tobacco/Tomato Hornworm Larva

White Grub



Common insects credits45 l.jpg
Common Insects - Credits

Corn Ear Worm Larva - Photo by Scott Bauer

Grain Weevil

Pink Bollworm Larva

Alfalfa Weevil

Armyworm Larva

Blister Beetle - National Biological Information Infrastructure

Colorado Potato Beetle

Corn Rootworm Larva

Mexican Bean Beetle - Photo by Stephen Ausmus.

Common insects credits46 l.jpg
Common Insects – Credits

Assassin bug


Lady Beetle Larva

Green Lacewing


Spider Mite

Cutworm Larva



Boll Weevil