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CH to SRO; Consolidated shipments Friday PowerPoint Presentation
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CH to SRO; Consolidated shipments Friday

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CH to SRO; Consolidated shipments Friday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Macro Flow: Ex DR to Europe + CH. DR. Europe. CH. Power One Caribbean. Power One Switzerland. Power One Slovakia. SRO to CH; Consolidated shipments Tuesday & Thursday. UPS. Santo Domingo. Uster. Dubnica. Power One. DC, Factory. Factory. Factory.

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Presentation Transcript

Macro Flow: Ex DR to Europe + CH




Power OneCaribbean

Power OneSwitzerland

Power OneSlovakia

SRO to CH;

Consolidated shipments

Tuesday & Thursday


Santo Domingo



Power One





Friday for Airfreight Consolidation


Caribe Trans SA(KN Agent)

Kuehne & NagelSwitzerland

Kuehne & NagelAustria

CH to SRO;

Consolidated shipments


CH to SRO;

Consolidated shipments

Wednesday & Friday

Santo Domingo (SDQ)



Logistics Provider

Hub & Distribution

Hub & Distribution

Hub & Distribution

Daily UPS parcels (express or small volume < 15kg)


Consolidated shipments






Legend: (x) working days


Procedures: Ex DR to Europe + CH

Delivery addresses:

Delivery procedures:

  • Standard Procedures (Airfreight Consolidation):
  • Goods have to be delivered to KN SDQ every Thursday or latest Friday morning in order to be consolidated on Friday:
  • Procedures for small volume (< 15 kg) or express:

Through UPS (Volume 1:6)

  • The parcels have to be addressed directly to > KN HUB Vienna for Europe > KN HUB Embrach/Zurich for Switzerland > or direct to Power-One in Uster (intercompany)
  • All relevant documents have to be put inside of the cartons
  • On the UPS Waybill:
  • Shippers: Shipper‘s name
  • Consignee: KN Vienna or KN Zurich
  • Third party
  • Payment: Kuehne & Nagel GmbH – Vienna
  • Account 483 V 50
  • (Also for shipments to CH)
  • Break Even (standard shipments vs. small/express (UPS):
  • Single Parcels up to 15,0 Kgs to be send by UPS

Consigneefor KN in LA:Kuehne & Nagel Inc.

5353 West Imperial Highway

Suite 1000

USA-Los Angeles CA 90045

Phone +1 310 641 5500

Fax: +1 310 645 2320

Consignee for UPSKuehne & Nagel GmbH

Shipments EU Customers:c/o Power-One

Objekt 263

A-1300 Vienna Airport

Consignee for UPSKuehne & Nagel AG

Shipments CH Customers:c/o Power-One

Gebäude C

8423 Embrach-Embraport

Consignee for UPSPower-One Produktion AG

Shipments Power-One Uster: Ackerstrasse 56

(direct consigned) 8610 Uster Switzerland

General information concerning UPS Parcel Services> UPS Worldwide Express PlusSM        (extremely expensive)> UPS Worldwide Express SM               (very expensive)> UPS Standard                                   (expensive)UPS Quick Cost Calculator(-30% discount to take in account):

> if possible, please use the UPS Standard service!

Link with more informations/addresses: