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North Kingstown School Department. 2005-06 Budget. Commitment to Excellence. Systems for Continual Improvement Curriculum Improvement 7 Year Curriculum Cycle Instructional Improvement Professional Development, Evaluation & Support School Level Improvement Process.

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North kingstown school department l.jpg

North Kingstown School Department

2005-06 Budget

Commitment to excellence l.jpg
Commitment to Excellence

Systems for Continual Improvement

  • Curriculum Improvement

    7 Year Curriculum Cycle

  • Instructional Improvement Professional Development, Evaluation & Support

  • School Level Improvement Process

Commitment to excellence3 l.jpg
Commitment to Excellence

Systems for Continual Improvement

  • Standards Based Budgeting

    Insures the equitable distribution of resources across the schools

  • Technology Supported Instruction

  • Capital Improvement & School Modernization Plans

Achievements l.jpg

  • High Achieving & Improving District

  • Grade Level Assessments (4th, 8th & 11th) among the highest in the state

  • All Schools have met or exceeded the 2011 requirements under the federal No Child Left Behind Act

Achievements5 l.jpg

  • State Sports Championships

  • All-State Bands & Orchestra

  • RI Scholastic Art Winners

  • Science & History Competition Winners

  • School Newspaper & Journalism Awards

  • Various corporate, and scholastic recognitions for student achievement

Achievements6 l.jpg

  • 2004 National Teacher of the Year

  • 2005 RI High School Principal of the Year

  • RI Middle School Principal of the Year

  • RI Elementary School Principal of the Year

  • Three RI Teachers of the Year

  • Various corporate, and scholastic recognitions for schools & educators

How we compare l.jpg
How We Compare

  • Rank 18th out of 35 districts in per pupil spending

  • Slightly above state average

    $11,482 per student, all expenditures

  • Below state average, excluding out-of-district costs

  • 9th largest enrollment in the state (4,680)

    2004 In$ite Data, RI Department of Education

School budget impacts l.jpg
School Budget Impacts

  • State mandated pension costs increase of $1,293,000

  • Contractual salary and benefits increase of $1,559,000

  • 10% increase in health and dental insurance costs ($598,892 after co-pay)

  • 83% of the school budget is dedicated to personnel

School budget impacts11 l.jpg
School Budget Impacts

  • State Aid to Education continues to decrease relative to the total school budget

  • Enrollment continues to increase at the high school since the new building opened. 5% increase over last year

  • Special education population is increasing, particularly self-contained students and out of district placements.

School budget impacts12 l.jpg
School Budget Impacts

  • Council’s spending cap increase for school department totals $2,026,540

  • Mandated and contractual increases total $3,450,892

  • Budget process begins in a deficit position of $1,424,352

  • Additional revenue sources may not be used to support expenditures beyond the cap.

Superintendent s budget l.jpg
Superintendent’s Budget

Original budget of $54,717,650 included:

  • All mandated and contractual obligations

  • Planned technology repair and replacement in schools

  • Planned curriculum cycle

  • Deferred building maintenance & repair

  • Increase in tuition & out of district placements (based on actual)

Superintendent s budget14 l.jpg
Superintendent’s Budget

Also included a number of committee supported educational initiatives:

  • Full day Kindergarten

  • Continued expansion of SmART program (integrated arts, school reform)

  • Restored middle school sports, two librarians and a nurse cut from this year’s budget

Reductions to meet the cap l.jpg
Reductions to Meet the Cap

  • All new educational initiatives or expansions cut

  • No personnel restored from current year cuts

  • Continued deferral of plant and equipment maintenance and repair

Reductions to meet the cap16 l.jpg
Reductions to Meet the Cap

Administration and Support

  • Personnel cuts:

  • Vice Principal at the High School responsible for Special Education Services & lower grade discipline issues ($121,497)

  • Human Resource Assistant responsible for professional development and personnel issues including leave time overages. ($95,763)

Reductions to meet the cap17 l.jpg
Reductions to Meet the Cap

Administration and Support

  • Significant cuts to infrastructure:

  • Information &Technology ($459,624)

  • Curriculum Cycle ($100,000)

  • Maintenance/Operations ($150,000)

  • Professional Development ($50,000)

Reductions to meet the cap18 l.jpg
Reductions to Meet the Cap

Schools & Direct Instruction

  • Reduce SmART program to one coordinator position (cuts 5.9 FTE)

  • Increase minimum class size at High School (cuts 4 FTE educators)

  • Eliminate 3 FTE library clerks

  • These are not vacant positions

Reductions to meet the cap19 l.jpg
Reductions to Meet the Cap

Schools & Direct Instruction

  • Eliminate furniture budget ($45,550)

  • Cut book allowance in half ($22,775)

  • Reduce supplies by $5 per student ($22,775)

  • Rescinded grant reallocation that would have cut 3 literacy coaches

Summary statements l.jpg
Summary Statements

  • Approximately $584,000 in cuts are still needed to meet the cap

  • A consolidation of personnel & operating costs at the elementary school level (close a school & reconfigure the others) has been recommended, but the committee is working to cut other costs instead

Summary statements21 l.jpg
Summary Statements

  • Current cuts do not address the reduction in the School Capital Reserve Fund.

  • This reduction along with continued maintenance budget deferrals is not sound asset management

  • To restore the School Reserve Fund an additional $305,000 must be cut from the school operating budget.

Future implications l.jpg
Future Implications

The current expenditure cap does not:

  • Address the changing demographics & needs of our students

  • Reward the development of alternative funding sources

  • Adjust for unfunded federal mandates or state cost pass throughs

  • Maintain the current systems infrastructure to support student excellence

Future implications23 l.jpg
Future Implications

We must work together to:

  • Address the need for a state aid formula & increased state aid for our schools

  • Reduce local costs through statewide pension reform, out of district transportation agreements and health and dental programs

  • Regionalize/consolidate purchasing and services as appropriate

Our community s challenge l.jpg

Our Community’s Challenge

North Kingstown’s children are the future of our community.

They deserve the best educational opportunities available to support their future success.