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Before beginning:

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Sae fellow nomination l.jpg

SAE Fellow Nomination

By: The SAE Fellow Committee

Sae fellow grade qualifications l.jpg
SAE Fellow Grade Qualifications

  • History and Purpose of the Fellow Program

Sae fellow grade qualifications4 l.jpg
SAE Fellow Grade Qualifications

  • The SAE Bylaws states. . .

    “Fellowgrade shall be composed of persons

    of exceptional distinction by reason of

    outstanding and extraordinary qualifications,

    experience, and sustained accomplishment

    in mobility or related engineering…”

Fellow nomination process l.jpg
Fellow Nomination Process

Nominator identifies a potential nominee.

Review Fellow Nomination Form & Guidelines.

Gather background

information about nominee.

Complete Nomination form. Forward copy to references.


Contact references & supervisor to ask to submit support letter.



need strengthen?

Follow-up on out- standing references.

Score the nomination package.

Strengthen or add missing information to nomination.


Revise scoring document.


Mail or e-mail Nomin-ation package including scoring document to SAE by July deadline.


Fellow nomination review process l.jpg
Fellow Nomination Review Process

Nomination passes review?

Nominations received at SAE

by July deadline.

Staff performs initial reviews.

(June - July)

Fellow Committee begins their review and scoring process.

(July – August)





Fellow Committee meets to discuss & select Fellows.


SAE Board of Directors considers Fellow Committee recommendations


Notification to nominators regarding outcome of review process.

(late October)


Eligibility for fellow l.jpg
Eligibility for Fellow

  • Identify a potential nominee

    • Must be an SAE Member grade member

    • Must have 10 years of SAE membership service

    • Exception – 5 year minimum

      • nominee must be actively involved for 10 years in work that provided outstanding support of SAE or related activities

    • Nominees can be from one of SAE’s Affiliate societies (Brazil, U.K. & India)

Completing a nomination l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • A thorough nomination submittal is a must for success

    • Many nominations fail due to the quality of the nomination, not the quality of the member being nominated.

Completing a nomination9 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Review resource/instructions

  • Collect nominee’s background information

  • Begin writing the nomination

Completing a nomination12 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Nominee’s Qualifications for Fellow

    • Identify whether research, technical or leadership candidate

    • Detail nominee’s accomplishments


Describe the Nominee’s specific engineering, scientific, and/or leadership accomplishment(s) below. Be sure to include several sentences in the beginning of the write-up to characterize the nominee’s forte. Additionally, include the significance or impact the accomplishment(s) has on mobility technology. The accomplishments or statements are to be supported by individuals familiar with the nominee’s body of work through the reference support letters. A list of the nominee’s publications, patents, honors and awards are also to be submitted as support. If the nomination is primarily for outstanding technical leadership accomplishments in the mobility industry, accomplishments must be cited, specific details about the accomplishments given, and then this information is to be verified or confirmed by the references in their letter of support. Refer to the References section in this nomination form and also to the Nominator & Reference Instructions document.

The Fellow Committee reserves the right not to count information stated in a Bio or Curriculum Vitae when it is an attachment. Any pertinent information the nominator feels should be considered by the Fellow Committee that is contained in a nominee’s Bio or Curriculum Vitae should be included within the nomination form. It is then optional for a nominator to include a Bio or Curriculum Vitae with the nomination submittal. Please be complete yet concise. Most nomination submittals for this area would be one 8 ½ x 11 page; however this does depend upon the nominee’s background and accomplishment(s). The length may be less or over one page. (If more space is needed than what this space allows, finish on a blank page and label it as an Appendix.)

Completing a nomination13 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Nominee’s Qualifications for Fellow

    • Content:

      • Research, Technical Nomination

        • Impact of individuals’ work on the mobility industry

        • Impact of work on society

      • Leadership Nomination

        • Impact of leader’s work on mobility industry

        • Results must be clearly significant

    • Review Nomination and Scoring documents for further guidance

Completing a nomination14 l.jpg


50 word statement of praise why the nominee should be recognized:

Nominee’s name

Reason (accomplishment) for being recognized

And the impact accomplishment made

Example Citations available

Completing a Nomination


A description of the Nominee’s outstanding technical accomplishments.

In 50 words or less describe the Nominee’s specific, verifiable accomplishments. (No bulleted lists please. Refer to examples Citations,

The Citation should succinctly describe the unique, significant, and innovative technical accomplishment(s) and/or the outstanding leadership qualifications of the Nominee.(If the Citation is more than 50 words, too much detail is being given.) The Citation is the foundation for the entire Nomination and is the basis for which the submittal will be judged. The accomplishments mentioned in the Citation must elaborated in the write-up under the “Nominee’s Qualifications for Fellow” and supported or confirmed by the information stated by the references in the support letters and the other portions of the completed nomination.

Note: If the nominee is elected, this Citation will be read at the award ceremony and published in SAE UPdate.

Completing a nomination15 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Statements written in the “Nominee’s Qualifications for Fellow” should support what is stated in the Citation.

  • The Citation is the foundation for the entire Nomination, and is the basis for which the submittal will be judged.

Completing a nomination16 l.jpg

Work Experience

Include organization name

Principal positions held

Briefly state responsibilities held

Resume, bio or curriculum vitae, optional

Completing a Nomination

Completing a nomination17 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Publications & Patents

    • Summary sentence(s): Dr. Jones has published 200 publications, 100 are peer-reviewed, plus he has written 3 book chapters, and has 20 patents all related to his citation.

    • List publications & patents that relate to Citation only

Completing a nomination18 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Education

    • List highest degrees earned

    • Include institution name

    • Major

    • Date earned

Completing a nomination19 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Honors & Awards

    • Related to Citation

    • Employer & other organization awards

    • Recognition awards

    • Public & Community awards

Completing a nomination20 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • Technical Society Activities

    • List the society and activity involved

      • Boards and committees

      • Standard committees

      • Conference or session organizer

      • Workshop or seminar speaker and/or instructor

      • Technical board or committees

Completing a nomination21 l.jpg
Completing a Nomination

  • References & Supervisor Support Letters

    • References must be familiar with nominee background

    • Three of the four references must be SAE members

    • References are to verify noteworthy accomplishment(s) stated on nomination

    • Nominator collects the reference letters

Finalizing a nomination l.jpg

Information is concise yet fully explains nominee’s achievement(s)

Citation is a concise summary statement of nominee’s achievement(s) and impact the achievement(s) made

Information stated is accurate

Nomination form is completed in its entirety

Nomination is written in sentences, no bulleted lists

Five support letters including a super-visory/management letter

Appendices included only for lengthy publications & patents lists

Three of the four reference letters must be from SAE members

Support letters verify the specific achievements as referred to in the nomination

Finalizing a Nomination

A Quality Nomination Package has the following elements:

Finalizing a nomination23 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Scoring Document

    • Found:

    • Score nomination (required step)

    • Modify nomination, if warranted

    • Submit scoring in Nomination package

Finalizing a nomination24 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Nominator Resources:

    • Available documents on web site

      • User Instructions for Nomination & Scoring Templates

      • Nomination Form

      • Judging Guidelines

      • Nominator & Reference Instructions

      • Scoring Document

      • Example Completed Nomination form

      • Example Citations

      • Example Support Letters

      • Frequently Asked Questions

Finalizing a nomination25 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Nominator Resources:

    • Contact SAE staff by


      Telephone 724-772-7137; 724-772-7136

Finalizing a nomination26 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Reference Resources:

    • Nominator & Reference Instructions


    • Contact SAE staff


      Telephone 724-772-7137; 724-772-7136

Finalizing a nomination27 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

The following must be included in nomination package:

  • Completed nomination form

  • Appendices for publications or patents

  • Five reference/support letters

    • (4 references which 3 must be SAE members plus one supervisor/management letter)

  • Nominator’s completed scoring sheet, required

Finalizing a nomination28 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Submission

    • E-mail nomination packages to


    • Mail to: SAE International

      Membership & Sections

      400 Commonwealth Drive

      Warrendale, PA 15096

      Attention: SAE Fellow Program

    • Nomination submittal deadline is noted on Fellow Nomination form

Finalizing a nomination29 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • Thank you for considering to nominate a member for SAE Fellow grade

    • Reference

    • Questions: or

      724-772-7137; 724-772-7136

Finalizing a nomination30 l.jpg
Finalizing a Nomination achievement(s)

  • URL for Nomination form:


  • Send confirmation e-mail to: