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The Not So Jolly Roger PowerPoint Presentation
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The Not So Jolly Roger

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The Not So Jolly Roger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non-Fictional Resources. The Not So Jolly Roger. Nasty Looking. Over took and pillaged 40 ships in two years. Red eyes. Skilled navigator and literate. Big. Defeated by Lt. Maynard. Bad voice. Stole tobacco , dyes , and sugars. Four pigtails with ribbon and smoking rope.

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Non-Fictional Resources

The Not So Jolly Roger

Nasty Looking

Over took and pillaged 40 ships in two years


Skilled navigator and literate


Defeated by Lt. Maynard


Stole tobacco, dyes, and sugars

Four pigtails with ribbon and smoking rope

Headless body was tossed overboard. Dead body floated around Lt. Maynard’s sloop before finally sinking

Smoke coming from his hair


Marries Mary Ormand. The last of fourteen wives

“Shaken by his encounter with the Trio, swore off drinking, and pirating.”

Received a pardon from the governor of N.C.

Natural born leader

Capt.. Of Queen Anne’s Revenge

Given a second pardon the second

time he returned

Only gives orders in battle

Cannon battles

Large beard

Black outfit

Had another ship called the Adventure

Edward Teach

Messy black hair

Nasty looking

Against Gov. Spotswood of Virginia,