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Parent / Rower Information Meeting

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Parent / Rower Information Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent / Rower Information Meeting. Spring Season 2010. Agenda. Coaches Update – Tom Kraft / Mike Taft Coach Introductions Practice Regatta Schedule Huron Rowing Association – Tony Iannone HRA Board Expectations Financial Responsibilities Fundraising Regatta Support – Deneen Wellik

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Presentation Transcript
  • Coaches Update – Tom Kraft / Mike Taft
    • Coach Introductions
    • Practice
    • Regatta Schedule
  • Huron Rowing Association – Tony Iannone
    • HRA Board
    • Expectations
    • Financial Responsibilities
    • Fundraising
  • Regatta Support – Deneen Wellik
    • Transportation
  • Clothing – Claudette Snow
  • Communications Update - Peggy Kaczmarek
    • Contact Information
    • Required Forms
    • Silent Auction
  • Getting Involved – Jack Baker
  • Parent & Rower Opportunities– Tony Iannone
  • Wrap up / Signups – Tony Iannone

Huron Rowing Association

huron crew coaches
Huron Rowing AssociationHuron Crew Coaches
  • Head Coaches: Tom Kraft

Mike Taft

  • Assistants: Ted Deakin

Mike Dove

Judith Vogel

Cyndi Ives

Jerry Hoffman

[email protected]


Spring practice begins Monday, March 8. It is mandatory - from 5:15 to 7:30 pm.

Meet at HHS Athletic Lobby until weather is OK to go to boathouse.

Do not schedule appointments during practice! Inform Coach Tom by email of any conflicts!

hra spring 2010 schedule
Huron Rowing AssociationHRA Spring 2010 Schedule

April 17 Argo Pond Rowing Event (Ann Arbor)

April 24 Hebda Cup (Wyandotte, MI)

May 1 Wy-Hi Regatta (Wyandotte, MI)

May 7-9 Midwest Scholastic Championships* (Cincinnati, OH)

May 15 SRAM (Grand Rapids, MI)

May 22 No regatta (Prom)

May 29 Stony Creek (Shelby Township, MI)

SRAA Nationals** (Saratoga, NY)

June 3-6 CSSRA* (St. Catherine, Ontario)

June 12 USRA Nationals** (Cincinnati, OH)

* Selected crews only

** Qualifying boats only

hra parent board
Huron Rowing AssociationHRA Parent Board


  • President Tony Iannone
  • Vice President Peggy Kaczmarek
  • Secretary Jenni Deakin
  • Treasurer Dave Kaczmarek

Committee Chairs

  • Fundraising Karen Hillegonds
  • Regatta Support Deneen Wellik
  • Equipment Russ Miller
  • Clothing/Uniforms Claudette Snow
  • Booster Club Sarah Nicoli
parent and rower expectations
Huron Rowing AssociationParent and Rower Expectations
  • Academics come first: plan your time so you can row for Huron.
  • Parents: Get involved! Attend all local regattas and others when possible.
  • Meet your service obligations… Once you sign up, we depend on you to be there. You must find your own substitute if you cannot!
huron rowing association hra
Huron Rowing AssociationHuron Rowing Association(HRA)
  • Mission: Support the Huron Crew Team
    • 501c (3) Non-Profit
    • Run by Parent Board
    • Meets monthly, all are welcome
  • Funding
    • Dues and Fees @ 1/3
    • Fundraising @ 1/3
    • AAPS District Support @ 1/3
financial responsibilities
Huron Rowing AssociationFinancial Responsibilities
  • Spring 2010 Dues/Fees
    • $275 per season
    • Likely travel surcharge for Midwest & St. Cats regattas (only selectedrowers attend)
    • 50 points credit if received by 3/12/10 deadline
financial responsibilities10
Huron Rowing AssociationFinancial Responsibilities
  • Fundraising Points
    • 400 fundraising points / season minimum
    • 300 per rower if multiple family rowers
    • Spring Seniors must prepay spring points and are reimbursed as points are earned.
    • Shortfall requires payment at $1/point before next season
      • August 1 – February 28 = Fall Season
      • March 1 – July 31 = Spring Season
      • See Handbook on website for details (pages 9-10)
    • Option for Prepaying All Points:
      • 10% discount on points if dues + points are prepaid by 3/12/10 deadline = $635.00 total
hra scholarships
Huron Rowing AssociationHRA Scholarships
  • Our goal: No student athlete is prohibited from participating due to financial need
  • Scholarship Process
    • Confidential, brief application (due 3/12/10)
    • Small HRA Board committee
    • Only those with a need to know involved
    • Contact Peggy Kaczmarek or Tony Iannone for details
hra fundraising
Huron Rowing AssociationHRA Fundraising
  • Spring Season
    • Silent Auction / Carnival March 26
    • Art Fair July 21-24
    • Farmers Market Parking Lot May - July
    • Scripps Grocery Card Program Monthly
    • Print Cartridge Recycling Ongoing
  • Fall Season
    • Booster Club Concessions Fall
    • UM Hockey Game Concessions Nov – Feb (Mar)
    • Farmers Market Parking Lot Aug - Nov
    • Scripps Grocery Card Program Monthly
hra regatta support
HRA Regatta Support
  • Transportation
    • Charter buses to distant regattas
    • Parents responsible for getting rowers to local regattas
      • Use team roster to establish carpools
    • Boat and equipment trailers
  • Regatta Support
    • Hot meals / refreshments
    • Families can join and eat for $5 / day / person
    • Chaperoning
    • Volunteer roles (earn points)
  • Lodging for overnight regattas

Huron Rowing Association

local regattas
Huron Rowing AssociationLocal Regattas
  • Parents are responsible for transporting their rowers to these local regattas:
    • Argo Pond Saturday, April 17
    • Hebda Cup Saturday, April 24
    • Wy-Hi Regatta Saturday, May 1
    • Stony Creek Saturday, May 29

(Parents are encouraged to use the roster to establish carpools)

  • No student may drive to any AAPS athletic event! (students may drive to and park at Huron)
crew clothing
Huron Rowing AssociationCrew Clothing
      • Fall 
      • Spring 
  • Suggested items for new rowers: unisuit or tank with black spandex shorts, Huron Crew sweatshirt, and a crew or Huron tee shirt (and spandex, of course).
  • Always have a water bottle!
crew uniforms unisuits
Huron Rowing AssociationCrew Uniforms / Unisuits
  • Uniform purchase is responsibility of the rower (no clothing is included with the payment of team dues)
  • Fall Uniform: Long sleeve racing jersey and black spandex pants or shorts
  • Spring Uniform: Unisuit or tank with spandex shorts
  • Uniforms are optional but encouraged; Spandex is required for practice and competition.
  • Splash jackets, sweatshirts, pants, tees, etc. are also available to order at the beginning of each season.
contact information
Huron Rowing AssociationContact Information
  • Bookmark the HRA Website:
  • Make sure you are on the Huron Crew email list(see Peggy Kaczmarek)
contact information18
Huron Rowing Association


[email protected]

goes to all coaches only

[email protected]

goes to board parents only

[email protected]

goes to the entire team + board + coaches


PO Box 131428

Ann Arbor, MI 48113-1428

Contact Information
checklist of forms
Checklist of Forms

New Rowers

Athletic Office Physical Form (turn into Athletic Office)

Medical Treatment Card

Medical Treatment Consent Form

Swim Test Certification

Information Sheet

Dues and Points Commitment Form

Code of Conduct Form

All Rowers

General Activity Waiver

Wyandotte Waiver (new form)

Dues $275 + 400 Points per Season

Travel to Canada (for rowers selected to go to St. Cats only)

See website for document requirements! Passport recommended but not required.

Travel waiver for under 18 rowers must be notarized!

Huron Rowing Association

march 12 deadline
Huron Rowing AssociationMarch 12 Deadline

3 ways to meet the deadline + get 50 points:

  • 1.    Pay fees and hand in forms tonight
  • 2.    Put forms/checks in payment box during first week of practice
  • 3.    Mail forms/checks to our PO Box *

Huron Rowing Association

Post Office Box 131428

Ann Arbor, MI 48113-1428

* Envelope must be postmarked March 12, 2010

3rd annual spring carnival silent auction
3rd Annual Spring Carnival & Silent Auction
  • Friday, March 26 @ 6:30pm - Cafeteria
  • Tickets: $5 / person; $15/ family
  • Many great auction items!
  • We need support from EVERYONE!
  • See Peggy Kaczmarek for info

Huron Rowing Association

silent auction schedule
Silent Auction Schedule
  • Spring Carnival, food & games 6:30 – 8:30
  • Bidding 6:30 – 8:00
  • Auction results / checkout 8:30 – 9:00
  • Bring your checkbook! And your friends!

Huron Rowing Association

spring carnival silent auction responsibilities
Spring Carnival & Silent Auction Responsibilities
  • Families are asked to bring a dessert or item for cake walk; One 2 liter of pop
  • Publicize event with friends / family
  • All rowers should sell 6-8 tickets
  • Additional silent auction items needed
  • Rower signups for setup/cleanup/games

Huron Rowing Association

getting involved
Getting Involved

Jack Baker – Past President, Huron Rowing Association (2006-2008)

hra parent opportunities be a part of a vibrant dynamic team
HRA Parent OpportunitiesBe a part of a vibrant, dynamic team!

Fundraising Roles:

Fundraising Chair 100 points

Regatta Support Roles:

Regatta Support Food Prep Points TBA

Towing trailer to each Regatta 50 pts. each

Huron Rowing Association

hra parent opportunities looking ahead to fall 2010
Huron Rowing AssociationHRA Parent OpportunitiesLooking Ahead to Fall 2010
  • Executive Committee: 150 points
  • President, VP, Treasurer
  • Regatta Support Committee: 50 points
  • Tank Filler
  • Fall Banquet Co-Chair(s)
  • Fundraising Committee: 50 points
  • Scripps Cards
team support sign up
Huron Rowing AssociationTeam Support – Sign Up!
  • Fundraising & Regatta Support
    • Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction March
    • UM Hockey Game Concessions Playoffs in March
    • Farmers Market Parking Lot May – July
    • Art Fair July
  • Help with Transportation (towing)
  • Be a Chaperone, Food Preparer, Cook
  • Scripps Grocery Card Program
  • Print Cartridge Recycling Program
summary for tonight
Huron Rowing Association


Pay dues and points shortfalls

Spring 2010 registration forms

2010 Annual General Activity Waiver required for ALL rowers

Wyandotte waiver for ALL rowers

Athletic Department Physical Form – switch to crew if other fall sport


Regatta Support Signups

Fundraising Signups

Farmers Market Parking Lot

Volunteer for HRA Roles

Sign up for Silent Auction March 26


Submit Clothing Orders

Summary for Tonight