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China Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry : 2018

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China Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry : 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'China Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry : 2018' - RobertJesse

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Report Description

Since 2005, China’s dietary supplement industry has represented an upswing trend with the market demand increasing continuously. In 2013, the market size of China’s dietary supplement industry reached CNY 186.9 billion, up by 18% over last year. And it is estimated that the market size will amount to CNY 214.9 billion, up by 15% over last year, which drops slightly due to the influence of the general environment.

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From the perspective of the production scale and distribution channels, China’s dietary supplement industry is still in the earlier stage of the development of European and American markets. In the aspect of enterprise size, China’s dietary supplement enterprises mainly are within CNY 50 million to CNY 500 million. Therefore large-sized enterprises are few and enterprises with economies of scale are also few.


Report Description

In Jun. 2014, the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China (Revised Draft) was published. Now this law is soliciting public opinion, and the final draft has not been decided. But what is predicable is that China’s dietary supplement market will become more open for foreign investors in future.

In-depth Research and Forecast of China’s Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry, 2014-2018 mainly provided analyses about the following aspects: Policy environment, current status, main regions (Taiwan is newly added), export & import market, investment opportunities and risks, etc. of China’s dietary supplement industry. This report also focused on the analysis of nine key enterprises in this field. Moreover, it also made thorough analyses and illustrations about the main problems and affecting factors existing in the development of China’s dietary supplement industry, as well as characteristics of Chinese consumer demand.

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Table Of Content

1. Overview of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

1.1 Basic Definition of Dietary Supplement Products

1.2 Development History

1.3 Market Characteristics

2. Analysis on Development Environment of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

2.1 Economic Environment

2.2 Social Environment

2.3 Policy Environment

3. Current Status of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

3.1 Current Status Analysis

3.2 Demand Analysis

3.3 Distribution Channels of Dietary Supplement Products

3.4 Factors Affecting the Development of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

3.5 Analysis on Main Existing Problems in the Industry


Table Of Content

4. Analysis on Current Status of Development of Dietary Supplement Industry in China’s Main Provinces

4.1 Zhejiang-Assembling and Sales Place, Risks Hidden Behind the Prosperity

4.2 Jiangsu-Innovated Supervision Model, Regulated Business Operation

4.3 Shanghai-Purposeful Supervision, Active and Efficient Measures

4.4 Shaanxi-Prominent Resource Advantage, Huge Development Potential

4.5 Beijing-Strong Technology Strength, Booming Development of the Industry

4.6 Overview of the Development Situation of Taiwan Dietary Supplement Industry

5. Analysis on Import & Export of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

5.1 Stable Growth of Import & Export of Dietary Supplement Products

5.2 Traditional Market Maintain Advantage

5.3 Private Enterprises Play the Major Role

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Table Of Content

6. Analysis on Main Enterprises in China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

6.1 Amway

6.2 Jingpai

6.3 Perfect China

6.4 Herbalife

6.5 New Era Health Industry

6.6 Jiao Da Only

6.7 Joincare

6.8 By-Health

6.9 DEEL

7. Investment Opportunity and Risk Analysis of China’s Dietary Supplement Industry

7.1 SWOT Analysis

7.2 Investment Opportunity Analysis

7.3 Risk Analysis

7.4 Analysis on Investment Strategy of Dietary Supplement Enterprises



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