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Manage Home Loan with Easy EMI PowerPoint Presentation
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Manage Home Loan with Easy EMI

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Manage Home Loan with Easy EMI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manage Home Loan with Easy EMI
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  1. Loan on Property

  2. Manage Home Loan with Easy EMI

  3. Home Loan is a Secured loan offered against the security of a house/property which is funded by the bank, the property could be a personal property or a commercial one. • It is a loan taken by a borrower from the bank issued against the property/security intended to be bought on the part by the borrower giving the banker a conditional ownership over the property i.e. • if the borrower is failed to pay back the loan, the banker can retrieve the lent money by selling the property.

  4. Interest rates on home loans for new consumers have come down by around four per cent since September 2008 but consumers who had the misfortune to take their loan before that have only seen their rates drop by around 1.50 per cent to 2.25 per cent. • Loan on Property can primarily be classified into two categories on the basis of interest rates i.e. fixed rate and floating rate of interest. 

  5. Home loans are repaid through monthly installments (EMI) spread over up to 20 years. • Some of the banks provide housing loans even for a tenure extending up to 25 - 30 years. • The maximum tenure of any loan and home loan specifically is also restricted by the borrower's age at the end of the tenure so as to ensure that the loan gets fully paid by or before the retirement age. • [Source:]

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