what is meant by web hosting n.
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Web Hosting Provider

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Web hosting is something that makes user to build their business online. Thus, everyone who is using the browser can have a look at their website. The Web Hosting services are highly in demand and due to this, the customers are using it for making their business grow up. Web hosting is the business or the practice that is build with providing the bandwidth and disk space to the customers on high powered computer with high speed which is connected to the internet.

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Web Hosting Provider

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what is meant by web hosting

What Is Meant By Web Hosting?

If you are planning to build a website for business, whether your business

is startup or established, then you need a web hosting service to establish

your website online for the customers. But, it becomes very essential for

the customers to choose correct services and right providers with all

benefits included with them in hosting services.

Due to this, customers will not face any issue later on while using them.

With so many web host available in the market, it is not an easy task for

the customers to select perfect Web Hosting service for their website.

You must identify out your basic needs and look upon all the desired

features that are associated within it.

Types Of Web Hosting

When it comes to classification of web hosting services, their comes

different kinds of hosting services all around. With the help of different

types customers can choose anyone of them

types, customers can choose anyone of them to get best result. Thus,

Some of the types of Web Hosting

below as:-


services are described

 Dedicated server-The dedicated servers are the best option for

large business organisation. They are quite costly as compared to

other servers.

 VPS server-VPS are the best solution for the users who have build

up with small business. They are cheaper than other servers.

 Shared hosting-Shared web hosting is the most popular form of

web hosting and its portion of disk space and bandwidth are provided

by the web hosting company.