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Explore for peace PowerPoint Presentation
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Explore for peace

Explore for peace

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Explore for peace

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  1. Explore for Peace

  2. Life will be bored when you are in the same place, life should have some changes and challenges, so be ready to accept and face the challenges and have some changes. • To get a change, move on to a place where you will have a great relief and enjoy every nook and corner of jill cool (falls) places of Karnataka. • Take a look below to know more famous falls of Karnataka and ready to explore.

  3. DudhSagar Falls • Do you think Goa is meant for pristine shores and beaches? If so then, our assumption is too wrong. Dudh Sagar Falls is also located in the state of Goa. • It is one of India’s tallest waterfalls with four tired surrounded by dense forests with rich biodiversity. • When you do visit this falls, you don’t feel to go to heaven because we will have already been to heaven.

  4. Jog Falls • Jog Falls holds another name, Gerosoppa Falls which is known to be a second highest spree waterfall located in the state of Karnataka. • This fall is known to draw tourists from all around the world. • Get immersed in the rain, try for kayaking, and do boating to the island and start hearing the sounds of flora and fauna where you can feel relief from hectic life.

  5. Jhari Falls • The Jhari Falls is located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, which is said to be an elegant waterfall of Karnataka. • Are you a buttermilk lover? If it so gets into the Jhari Falls where you can drain into the buttermilk and can fill up your thirst will have a joy by taking a bath in Jhari falls. • Why did the falls mean to be buttermilk? Because the water flows like a buttermilk in the river and is named to be a Buttermilk falls.

  6. Step ahead into Karnataka by booking bus tickets online in and reach your destinations with all safety measures happily.