a grand stay at shivavilas palace hampi n.
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A Grand Stay at ShivaVilas Palace- “Hampi”! PowerPoint Presentation
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A Grand Stay at ShivaVilas Palace- “Hampi”!

A Grand Stay at ShivaVilas Palace- “Hampi”!

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A Grand Stay at ShivaVilas Palace- “Hampi”!

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  1. A Grand Stay at ShivaVilas Palace- “Hampi”!

  2. Tucked amidst the beautiful and bountiful number of lush greeneries and ferns, this palace in the Hampi location of Karnataka, is a bygone era of cultural heritage, historical legacies, artistic excellence and its grandeur that is known to add charm to its look. • Nestled beautifully, you can experience a marvelous stay with a pinch of royalty for every one of you to gather memories to cherish it forever. • So, make yourselves available to this majestic citadel that’s always ready to welcome you amidst the beautiful sound of birds chirping, serene environment and the world-class comfort that ought to soothe your soul.

  3. The Shivavilas Palace situated in the valley of Sandur is a sprawling edifice comprising of over 12 suites with modern amenities all synthesizing luxury. • The things here are no less than an indulgence to the tourist’s eyes starting right from the art to the spectacular wall hangings to pictures of Royal families depicting their opulence. • Further, one can enjoy reading a book from a variety of books from the library and enjoy the cold breeze on taking a stroll near the swimming pool. • The huge 25 seat dining table with the Maharaja suite that opens to a wide balcony to the Maharani suite that rests on the first floor, everything is so captivating.

  4. Besides your luxurious stay in the palace, there are a handful of fun activities to get indulge into from; • Nature Trek- What more delightful can it be than a stroll across the valley drenched with lushes of green blankets all around. • A Day Trip to Hampi- Hampi now remain as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India where though mostly in ruins still attracts tourists from all over the world to see its remnants. Spend the entire day outing with lunch packed and then head to the palace in the evening to rest in the courtyard with a sip of coffee. • Love for Pedalling- If you are an adventure freak and love discovering new things and possess a desire for cycling then get on in any one of our cycles to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the palace.

  5. To reach here, all you need to do is book a Bus Tickets and click some pictures to cherish your memories.