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A Preview of DoDAF V2.0. The DoDAF Development Team Supporting OASD(NII) Architecture Directorate John V. Tieso [email protected]

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A Preview of

DoDAF V2.0

The DoDAF Development Team

Supporting OASD(NII) Architecture Directorate

John V. Tieso

[email protected]

This document contains pre-decisional materials that has been authorized for use in limited public presentations by the Director, OASD(NII), Architecture Directorate. This information is otherwise intended solely for the use and information of the client to whom it is addressed.

Table of contents l.jpg

Table Of Contents

DoDAF v2.0 – Where are we Now?

What are we doing with this version?



Meta Model Groups



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Dodaf v2 0 is emerging from the development cycle l.jpg
DoDAF v2.0 is emerging from the Development Cycle

  • Spirals I - III

    • Volume 1 & 2 Reviewed and comments adjudicated

    • Updated Draft out o/a 10 Dec

  • Spiral IV

    • Physical Exchange Specification Draft, 29 Dec

    • Community review and comment, 24 Jan – 4 Feb

    • Adjudicate comments, 5 Feb – 26 Feb

    • Send to DCIO for Approval

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This version is a major change from previous versions l.jpg
This version is a major change from previous versions

  • Data-centric vs. product-centric

  • Wider range of example models (New name for old ‘products’)

  • “Fit-for-Purpose” Development Guidance

  • Better linkage to major departmental programs (e.g. JCIDS, DAS, PfM, SE, etc.) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework

  • Integrated Data Model (Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Exchange Specification)

  • Backward compatibility with DoDAF 1.0, and DoDAF 1.5

  • Extended capability to support international and coalition partners

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Dodaf version 2 has an entirely new organization structure l.jpg
DoDAF Version 2 has an entirely new Organization Structure

  • Three Volumes:

    • Volume 1 – For Managers & Leaders

    • Volume 2 – For Architects

    • Volume 3 – For Data Engineers and Toolset Vendors

  • DoDAF Journal – On online reference in Wiki format to share information

  • The Defense Architecture Registry System (DARS) – Register Architectures here for sharing through Federation

  • The Defense Metadata Registry – For registration/discovery of reusable data

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Dodaf metamodel groups l.jpg
DoDAF Metamodel Groups

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Dodaf metamodel groups7 l.jpg


Resource Flow

Data & Information


Training/Skill/ Education









DoDAF Metamodel Groups

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Metadata groups to l.jpg
Metadata Groups to …….

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Dodaf 2 0 has an extensive set of views l.jpg
DoDAF 2.0 has an extensive set of Views

Capability View

Articulate the capability requirement, delivery timing, and deployed capability

Operational View

Articulate operational scenarios, processes, activities & requirements

System Engineering View

Articulate activities to design and implement solution based on operational and capability requirements

Standards View

Articulate applicable Operational, Business, Technical, and Industry policy, standards, guidance, constraints, and forecasts

Data and Information View

Articulate the data relationships and alignment structures in the architecture content

All View

Overarching aspects of architecture context that relate to all views

Project View

Describes the relationships between operational and capability requirements and the various projects being implemented; Details dependencies between capability management and the Defense Acquisition System process.

Services View

Articulate the performers, activities, services, and their exchanges providing for, or supporting, DoD functions

Systems View

Articulate the legacy systems, their composition, interconnectivity, and context providing for, or supporting, DoD functions


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Slide10 l.jpg

Fit For














All AVs

All “Systems”

Versions of

SV Products



All TVs



All “Service”

Versions of

SV Products





Rest of OVs

Data &












DoDAF Metamodel (DM2)




DoDAF V2.0

DoDAF V1.5

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Questions l.jpg

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Backup slides l.jpg
Backup Slides

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Organization of volume 1 l.jpg
Organization of Volume 1

  • Section 1: Introduction

  • Section 2: DoDAF and Journal Overview

  • Section 3: Enterprise Architecture

  • Section 4: Scoping Architecture to be “fit for purpose”

  • Section 5: Customer Requirements

  • Section 6: Methodologies

  • Section 7: Architecture Presentations

  • Section 8: DoDAF Metamodel

  • Section 9: Architecture Planning

  • Section 10: Architecture Based Analytics

  • Section 11: Configuration Management of the DoD Architecture Framework

  • Section 12: Relationships to Other Frameworks

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Organization of volume 2 l.jpg
Organization of Volume 2

  • Section 1: Introduction to this Volume, including ‘What’s New” and “How-to”.

  • Section 2: Meta Model Data Groups

  • Section 3: ”Views” of DoDAF 2.0.

  • Appendix A: Acronyms

  • Appendix B: Glossary

  • Appendix C: DoDAF Meta Model

  • Appendix D: DoDAF Meta Model Data Dictionary

  • Appendix E: References

  • Appendix F: DoDAF V2.0 Presentation Development

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Operational models l.jpg
Operational Models

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Capability models l.jpg
Capability Models

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Project models l.jpg
Project Models

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Service models l.jpg
Service Models

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Service models cont l.jpg
Service Models (Cont.)

Filename/RPS Number

System models l.jpg
System Models

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System models cont l.jpg
System Models (Cont.)

Filename/RPS Number

Standards models l.jpg
Standards Models

Filename/RPS Number

Data and information models l.jpg
Data and Information Models

Filename/RPS Number

All view models l.jpg
All View Models

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Speaker s bio john tieso booz allen hamilton l.jpg
Speaker’s BioJohn TiesoBooz Allen Hamilton

John Tieso has had a long and distinguished record of achievement in assisting clients to effect desired change and improvement in their organizations. Prior to retirement from the Federal Government in 1997, Mr. Tieso was Deputy Director, Functional Process Improvement in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence) and was a principal in the development of the methodology and techniques for C4ISR Architecture. He was an active member of the teams that created the DoD Architecture Framework, Version 1.0, and subsequently served as the Configuration Control manager for changes to that document. He has been an active member of the DoDAF 2.0 revisions, and is the principal author for Volume I, the Decision-makers volume.

Mr. Tieso is well known for his efforts toward defining Business Process Reengineering (BPR), and was the project manager for development of the first BPR Practitioner’s Program within the DoD community.

Since retirement, Mr. Tieso has been Vice President and Director, Process Innovation at the D. Appleton Company in Fairfax VA., a principal engineer at Silver Bullet Solutions Inc., in Arlington, VA., and is now employed with Booz Allen Hamilton in support of the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Network Information and Integration).

Mr. Tieso was honored by the IT community as a member of the Federal 100 Class of 1995, and has received a Life Achievement Award from the Industry Advisory Council for his work on Business Reengineering. He has also received awards from the Smithsonian Institution, The Computerworld Awards Program, Government Computer News, the Information Technology Association of America, and a number of other national and international groups.

John Tieso’s most recent work, Avoiding False Mirrors: Some Thoughts on Process Management Change in Innovative Organizations is in publication for release on November 1st, 2008.

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